Definitely Not Cloaked LLC. is recruitng. [Nullsec/Sov]

We are Definitely Not Cloaked LLC [WECU.] a long standing, proven USTZ PVP Corporation (we like our EU bros too) and are part of The Imperium flying under The Initiative banner. We specialize in destroying pixels, courtesy of expert PVP pilots and FCs in large scale alliance/coalition engagements.

Benefits of being a member in WECU.

• Solidified core membership of 40+ active pilots
• 24/7 Corp Level Active Discord Chat
• Alliance Level SRP
• Corporation Level SRP

• Working Microphone and Discord/Mumble (for voice/chat)
• Omega Clone Status
• Willing to get into alliance and corporation doctrines
• Top memes
• Don’t be a Scrub
Training into a cap alt. (20 Million SP minimum)
• Must have or be willing to skill an alpha character to fly certain subcaps (on a free alpha 3rd account)

We are recruiting all people that can fill those roles and contribute to WECU. You don’t necessarily need to have the cap alt/s ready at time of join but you must be willing to skill one and have one ready in 3 months or be Cloaky drop/hunter trained which can substitute for capital requirements but must already be trained and ready. We have space available in nullsec and multiple avenues for isk making.

Join chat channel WECUPUB in game or preferably Discord for more information!

116k Pilot looking for a BLOPS Corp
Looking for EU PVP corp
Returning (US) Pilot Probably Looking For Corp
Looking for a new corp
78m sp toon looking for content
60m sp pilot looking for mature null or wh corp US west coast
Looking for chill Corp for returning player
Lowsec space pirate interested in nullsec career change
LF Chill Corp, Old player returning
Old Indy CareBear with teeth returning
:parrotdad: PvP main looking for null sec home. 113+mill sp :parrotdad:
Rorqual pilot looking for somewhere to mine
100M+ main, 3 alts 50-70M needs new home - EU timezone
Bittervet looking to settle in
[US TZ] Looking for Null corp in Guristas Space - ~40m SP Experienced PvP pilot
10+ year vet looking for home
Delet this
Returning Pilot (20m SP) LF Well Rounded lowsec
Two returning 70+ mill toons looking for a place to call home
50m SP Miner seeking null sec mining industrial/logistics and occasional pvp. AU TZ
75M + 50M Pilot Looking for USTZ Null PvE, Industry, PvP
65m + 50m+4 Rorqs LF WH PVE, Possibly Null
Hi, I'm looking for a new home!
77M+ and 42M+ SP Returning Player looking for New Home. (Indy, Rorq Mining, Carrier Ratting)
Experience Sucapital/Capital FC Looking for content
Returning Pilot looking for Null Home
Haven't played since 2015. Looking to get back into the fight
153 Million SP Character looking for a home
US EST TZ: 125M Main with 100M ALT Looking for Mature Corp
Pvper looking for a new home
83mil SP, Small Gang PVP, Positive Vibes & Fun, USTZ
150m+ SP USTZ looking for lowsec or nullsec fun
175m SP PVP player Looking for PVP corp EUTZ
28.6m SP Pilot & Indy alt LF permenant home
29mil SP returning player LF Null Sec corp
67M SP PVP returning player looking for fun
Returning 86m SP PvP Pilot with alts looking for new home [USTZ]
73M SP returning - LF socially active PvP
54m SP Pilot LF Null Sec PvP and Home
Returning 111m SP PvP Pilot with alts looking for NOMADIC lifestyle
Any place in null for a corp of just me (60m sp) and an alt?
Over 100 mil pilot looking for pvp corp
83m SP PVP Pilot looking for new home
Home found thanks for the offers
Returning experienced player
Looking for a new home - Three 110M SP pilots + more!
Looking to place a 43M SP industrial/mining character and possibly a 130M SP PvP focused character
Looking for corp null (small scale wanted)
Lf established 0.0 corp for pvp and krabbing for self sustain


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Donavon has Traf finally gone so afk you became ceo?

Traf is back unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue:


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Still recruiting! post being fed a dread bomb! no time like the present =D

Well thats a pity, please tell me you at least got rid of bisu and melvin

Melvin left but Bisu is still around lurking in the dark corners…
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@Trafalgar_Raw has been around at least once a day since I’ve been with the Corp. He is usually just bossing people around, and demanding that we spod and rat for his next titan, but alas…

Its only worth it if you’re [WECU.] :stuck_out_tongue:

Recruitment window closing soon and we go back to vouch only. Come join in, bunch of new names and we would like your’s to be one.

INB4 “WTS [WECU.] VOUCH, 2b PST” :rofl:

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