WeCu Dot

Do you like surprising your enemies with death while they rat and mine?

Do you like drinking a ridiculous amount of alcohol on weekends?

Do you like listening to terrible music choices on Plug.DJ?

Do you like sperg?

Are you toxic?
You may just find a home with us!

We are Definitely Not Cloaked LLC [WECU.] a long standing, successful PVP Corporation and are part of The Initiative. We specialize in mid-space explosions, courtesy of expert Black OPS pilots and FCs.

Benefits of being a member in WECU.
• Educational friendly fleets
• Solidified core membership of 30+ active pilots
• Only one cancerous member (Trafalgar Raw)
• 24/7 Corp Level Active Discord Chat
• Alliance Level SRP
• etc, etc

We are currently recruiting active, dedicated, and productive pilots, regardless of their skill point count. There are plenty of important roles involved in the Corporation & Alliance that can be filled by any pilot with these qualities. We are recruiting all people that can fill those roles and contribute to WECU.

Join chat channel WECUPUB in game or Discord : : https://discord.gg/TjEEBvD to get in touch with a recruiter. Both EU & US TZ are welcome!!


Making our quota quick.




We are cool.

https://zkillboard.com/kill/64311020/ we traded it for a VNI that never showed up on zkill XD

I heard a rumor that you guys are now Melvin free, can you confirm or deny?

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That is correct.

We are cool

We are cool.

We are sponsored by The Olive Garden

Bump is cool

Don’t join we are literally the cancer killing EVE

I like to bump it bump it!

We’re almost gay

We came
We saw
We exploded pixels
Join us

B-L-O-P-S, B-L-O-P-S, B-L-O-P-S and BLOPSFLEET was his name-o