[WECU.] Definitely not cloaked LLC. is actively recruiting BLOPs/Covertops and LS pilots [USTZ]

The boys are back!

WECU. is a 6 year old corporation with origins in alliances such as CO2 and INIT. We have since thrown off the banners and now harass…well everyone.

We take a more nomad approach to the game never staying in one place “too” long before finding another content stream. We specialize in small gang and covert ops content. You are free to play the game however you want. No activity requirement, RL always first, we don’t care about our killboard. Please gate your Marshall and lose it in a valiant feed for literally no reason. WE DON’T CARE…as long as you’re having fun and not shitting on your corpies.

One exception is discord activity, we care about our culture cause it’s supreme, get to know the nerds, play other games.

So if you wanna ruin other people’s day then join our discord or public channel “WECUPUB”.

Message “Trafalgar Raw” or “Original Rude Boy” in either channel for more info.


The beacon provides.

Exciting things in the making.

Yummy green and delicious Definitely Not Cloaked LLC | Corporation | zKillboard

Killing nerds nightly, we just need you.

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