Definitely Not Cloaked LLC. [WECU.] is recruiting. Thera WH USTZ

WECU. is a corporation based in Thera. Primarily USTZ.

We fly the banner of [ICDB] I Could Do Better alliance, our specialty is BLOPs and other specialized doctrines to ruin the days of ratters and miners in the blue blobs of nullsec space.

With us being based in Thera and having the Hole Puncher boys as close friends. We consistently have content thanks to the whole of New Eden literally revolving around us.

Full disclosure if you need PvE to make isk such as ratting or mining then we probably are not for you which is fine, we will see you soon.

If hanging out on comms and having a few laughs while we hunt and dunk on nerds sounds fun, hop in our discord and have a chat.

You can also join our public channel “WECUPUB”.

Message “Trafalgar Raw” or “Original Rude Boy” in either channel for more info.

Our Zkillboard.

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