Weird samples in project discovery

Today I am getting some weird samples in project discovery. I have screenshotted some of them and would like to know what’s the reason in suddenly getting so many patterns that are unlike anything I’ve seen before. Is this CCP’s reaction to bots, or it’s just an influx of more realistic cytometry data?

2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10

probably a sample set from a different study (not all are covid related). Nice to see how in these examples the two variables are independent. Which is another way to say that the signals not following the main trend are very interesting clusters. And yes, some will be a challenge to gate.

At a guess (not a bilogist), Probably real samples, looks like beam misalignment or maybe low flow. The cells need to float by a laser beam, these ones seem squished like they are not floating or being cropped out of the beam.

Project discovery will run X amount of verification samples then throw you real samples while throwing in verefied samples to make sure you are not bullshiting. You will always score max on non verefied samples even if they say you are being scored less.

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