Welcome back! 👋 looking for PvP, Industry and Mining chars returning to game or those looking for something new

Hi there!
Annihilate. is a corp that has been around in eve since 2008.
We have done it all from big nullblocks to highsec merc work.
We currently reside in a highsec lowsec pocket, there are lots of opportunities for isk making and regular and easily accesible pvp content. We are a part of the Alliance Strictly Unprofessional.
We have specilised in recent weeks on getting older returning players back up to speed with game changes back to making isk and having fun as fast as possible. We have players from EUTZ to late US so always someone on to help and fly with!
What we want from you; Omega Pilots, Being on discord with alliance, People who don’t take themselves or Eve too seriously (much as we appreciate internet spaceshipz are serious business), Teachers who feel they can pass on some wisdom from the game to younger players!

If any of the above takes your interest please feel free to start a conversation with “Fortune Mitford” or you can join our public channel “UNRPO Public”.

Fly with a purpose,
Best wishes,
Fortune Mitford