Welcome to Out of Pod Experience

The place for general discussion of topics not related to EVE Online.

All the regular forum rules apply here, but there’s also a few additional rules for this section to promote healthy discussion.

  1. Unlike all other forum sections, all posts here do not have to be related to EVE. In fact, they should not be related to EVE. The purpose of this forum is for all posts not related to EVE.

  2. Discussions about politics and religion not allowed, there are other websites with forums for these topics.

  3. Quit posts are allowed, however we ask you to only post that you are leaving and say goodbye to your friends, rants and non-constructive posts will be removed.

  4. You can discuss other games in Out of Pod Experience, but with the following conditions. Please don’t troll, or advertise goods or services for other games. It’s also not permitted to recruit for other games on the EVE Online forums.

Keep it civil, and enjoy the fun!