[OOPE.] Out of Pod Experience - Need your assistance

So, we’ve all heard the spiel from other corps: “We offer buyback!” , “We have handout ships for newbies!” and while we here in Out of Pod (Experience) can offer many of those things, we put our heads together on how to make an eyegrabbing, enticing ad for our new corp to use while we rise to greatness.

We decided that we here love the feeling of cold dark space on our skins, we do not respect the dark confines of the pod here. OOPE. calls all capsuleers looking to help others escape the claustrophobic interior of their pods and experience the cold dark airless expanse of space we call home like a TRUE pilot.

What we offer:
-Alpha/Omega accepted
-No SP requirement to free other capsuleers from their coffins.
-No Tax (Don’t need tax if we’re suffocating in space together).
-Nomadic lifestyle.
-Every member gets a say in how we cleanse New Eden of the pod menace.

If you’re interested or have questions about our religion, hop into our discord here: Out of Pod Exploration

OOPE. is our ingame channel.

Okay, bumping this thread up and it is my hope that another 35 people or so will have a look at our advert.

We now have a bunny in corp, we call him Bunny.
After sitting down and talking about it, Bunny and I agreed that OOPE. should have 8 rules that are not all that hard to follow.
We did have a bit of an argue about enforcing the essence of those rules in our public channel OOPE. and after some harsh words Bunny and I could agree on 2 rules that all that visit our channel must follow.

  1. Don’t be a dick

I feel like this rule says more or less everything on how we want it in OOPE.

The other rule I personaly think is coverd in rule nr. 1 but Bunny would not have it any other way so for this reason there are two rules in our public channel.

  1. Leave the bunny alone!!

I do hope you’ll hop on and visit us, fly safe!

Hello everyone, it is me again!

Had a rough day recruiting yesterday, no new recruits. Bunny got a bit pissed of but I told him it is hollydays and all and people got other things to do, and even though Bunny was sad he did understand…

I started to work myself today, and Bunny had told me he would bump this thread but when I got off work I saw that he had not done so.
I have tried to ping him on discord asking wtf is up but he has not gotten back to me yet. And this is why I am the one bumping again!

Hope to see you in our public channel OOPE. soon!!

Kitza out!!!

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