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Hofmann’s Heros is recruiting

Here at Hofmann’s Heros we are dedicated to making sure that you fly spaceships. We can teach you how to fit and fly your ship to be effective solo, small gang, and major fleet op’s. We have no CTA’s or required Doc’s, in fact, you are more likely to find us sitting back injecting boosters bwhahahaha.

if PVP isn’t your thing, no problem, whether it’s ratting, running anomalies, Incursions, PI, mining or industry related, were getting into it. No sense in killing the game with just doing one thing over and over, do them all over and over! There are no PVP requirements other than ALWAYS BE SHOOTING.

Military service members are especially welcome.

We are looking for:
-Active Players (RL always comes first, but sign in from time to time)
-Willingness to participate in ops and work as a team (that is the reason for corps and alliances right?)
-Miners, Industrialists, PvP’ers, PvE’ers, Logistic support, PI masters (or wannabees are ok too)

What we offer:
-Small gang hunting and WH games
-Ship replacement program
-Dedicated coms
-Mature community out to have a good time

Our requirements:
-Full subscription accounts (sorry, no alphas)
-21+ (this isn’t a stupid American drinking thing, we’re just looking for a more mature pilot)
-Full API
-Voice coms are required, no exceptions.

To join go to www.hofmannsheros.xyz register, and apply. Once your application is approved you will receive an invitation to join the corporation, if you have any questions, please feel free to mail, or join our public channel, “HHH Pub”.

See you in cor!

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Hi all, we are a fantastic Alliance with some awesome corporations.

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