Welcome to RXSK

Cheers incoming capsuleers , this is your ‘Resurrections Skies Enterprises’ virtual welcoming form !

We love the world of EVE and all its glorious aspects and expand upon each one with the support of one another .

Our main focus is a strong industry backbone

  • HS , LS , Moon , and WH mining
  • Planet industry supply chain
  • Ice mining and Gas huffing
  • Reactions and Research
  • Boosts and Compression on all types of mining ops

Not only limited to Industry though

  • Spontaneous WH , NS , LS , Pochven , Roam fleets
  • Ally PVP fleets
  • Mission running
  • Exploration ( Relic and Data sites )
  • Hauling

Also in effect are 3rd party resources such as SEAT , Pathfinder , and others in relation .
Participation is highly encouraged , content is available on all fronts just have to be active to get in fleets.
Theres room for growth within our player base having experience in different areas of EVE , guidance on fits , skill progression , becoming an FC and Industry is just in reach with our common room chat ch.

Let us now enjoy the EVE universe together and fly with a community backing your wings.
Newbros , returning players , experienced vets , other corporations , get in comms with your new coalition and alliance and be bold , immerse yourself , as you are now part of something you can be yourself in and show all of existence what you can do. . . WELCOME AND GO GET’EM

Discord : Syndicate.
IRL stuff happens , all we ask is to be communicative , boundaries are respected and support is available.

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