WEST US TZ 48mil SP logi pilot/indy/subcap dude looking for a group to fight for

Apologies for having to make my own thread, but I’m not really finding myself convinced by the average recruitment ad and wanted to reach out in a more personal manner to make sure tis would be a good fit, both for me and the corp. I’ve been around, tried my luck here or there, had plenty of burnouts and self-seeking, but all in all, I realize that I’m at my most happiest in EVE when I’m taking part in organized fleet battles and content a local scale, fighting for a long-term goal with a group that I can both respect and have fun with.

What I can offer:

  • Logi cruiser V and Vs for all empire cruisers, okayish skils for a lot a of subcaps…I will fly logi for you every time, just ask me.
  • some interest in mining/indy
  • Basic survival skills for null and low, plenty of knowledge to share with newer players too.
  • Mic, some communication skills, and basic coordination required for fleet battles, a vague interest for FCing, but no real experience to speak of.

What I’m looking for:

  • not interested in joining any major bloc, nor taking part in the WWB2.
  • Good local fights on a fleet scale, preferably at a predefined timer such as reinforcements or sov defense/offense. Say between 20-200 ppl in the fleet, enough to have doctrines and structure within the fleet, FCs (competence optional) and some kind of a larger objective on the board, but (preferably) no Time dilation, batphones, or blueballing.
  • Bonus points if you have a local nemesis, and/or long-term goal in warfare that keeps the fights good and builds a narrative over weeks and months.
    -Some manner of SRP preferred

If you think you know a good fit, either post here or message Laurens en Daire in-game or on discord. (#5795) I’d appreciate a longer talk/anecdotes/experiences with people before making my decision.

Hi Laurens,

I’m a recruiter with Stribog Kybernaut Subclade, a corporation that has been operating out of Pochven since the conclusion of the Triglavian invasion.

Small fleet combat is one of the most common activities here. We fight roaming/filament gangs, do a little structure bashing and defense, as well as form fleets to farm standing as well as complete observatory flashpoints - raid style PvE encounters against EDENCOM NPCs.

I think if you and your Corp are interested in high-risk high-reward small-medium scale content, Pochven is the perfect place to be.

Recent anecdotes from the past week:

  • 14 man Assault frigate fleet zipping around the Triangle
  • 20 man flashpoint fleets with armor BS and Logi
  • fighting off a 14 man Vedmak “yeet” fleet in our home system
  • taking down some Russian pvpers trying to destroy some of the only remaining structures in Pochven

Pochven is dangerous, but it’s fun as hell and our Alliance has built up a great community of players.

There’s also super lucrative mining, null-sec planetary production and a new burgeoning market forming the the region, if you’re looking for activities that don’t involve a random drifter blowing up your ship (seriously ■■■■ drifters).

If any of this sounds interesting, let me know. We are always on the lookout for new players willing to explore and learn how to make the most of this new region.

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