WH action looking for miners and gunners - Muckmen Mining

Do you want to mine with a group, shoot people or rats up? Are you not exactly sure how to fit your ship for mining, or have trouble with what skills to train? Do you want to get more out of your mining or ratting efforts? We will provide you friendly advice and company.

Corporation Activity:

  • Gas, moon, ice mining, PI and manufacturing.
  • PvP content together with our alliance, with daily battles.
  • Money making fleets and structure bashing with an even ISK split.

What can we offer you?

  • Access to a strong WH infrastructure with good refining and manufacturing stations.
  • A relaxed environment to learn the robes of WH space.
  • Alliance connected Pathfinder for easy navigation and travel in WH space.
  • Ratting and alliance defence fleets.
  • Exciting and experience full PvP encounters together with some PvP veterans in our alliance.

If you are interested in joining our corporation then you are welcome to apply.
SP below 10mil is alright if it’s more specialized, but it will be hard to live in WH below 5mil.

The Alliance is also open for more corporations to move in.
Alliance doctrine hulls are SRP’ed if lost in organised PvP fleets.

For us Muckm it have been a very positive experience moving into WH together with Isolation Cult who owns the structures, and we have just been constantly scooping up the PvP gold nuggets which the ISO have given us.
The wormhole is a C4 with a C2 Static for easy Highsec access and a static C3 for money making.

Feel free to contact me in EvE or Discord, Nereus#7694
You can also drop by the Alliance Public https://discord.gg/S5peYy

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