WH PvP Corp with a LS static?


I see a lot of Corps these days that are c2/NS etc, are there any competent PvP Corps that run from a LS static?, i dont think i have seen any at all? (or at least i havent heard of them!)


There are a few corps in C2-C2/LS holes but they tend to be smaller, newer, and less experienced. Typically they are using the LS static for some cheap frigate fights if it’s connected to fw space, or logistics if it’s next to a HS, or not using it if it’s in the middle of nowhere. The C2 static can be nice for exploring or shooting explorers but it’s not as isk dense as higher class. Here is an example of a group living in this hole type: https://www.reddit.com/r/evejobs/comments/b21lhz/jabberwocky_dynamics_now_located_in_a_wormhole/


Is there really only one WH corp with a LS static?? :slight_smile:

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