[WH-PVP] If you need pvp help, call WHSOC to make your problems go away

Wormhole Society is fairly sizable alliance of wh pvp corps that would like to help you disappear your pvp problems. Whether you’re facing eviction, you’d like to evict somebody else, or you’re facing some other pvp-related issues not necessarily related to wormholes, give us a call (specifically this toon).

We’re new to the scene, so we’ll do most one or two day ops just for the content (ie., for free) and we can discuss longer missions.

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Interested in what you have to offer…I have work that needs to be done in low sec and need a force able to handle themselves and the task at hand. Method of communication for details?

Just a heads up for people viewing this post: WHSOC is not in the mercenary business, this was posted by a member that is no longer in the Alliance. If you have a PvP scenario that you’d like help with in wormhole space please feel free to seek us out, if the reasons align with our core philosophies and it’s something we can feasibly take on we’ll give it a look. Otherwise you’ll want to look to one of the merc groups for wormhole space to see your needs met.

Thanks, and good luck!