What Actually Is Eve Online?

:rofl: Thats EVE in a nutshell!

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Eve Online does have its limits.

I think that Eve Online needs to push those limits by expanding space that would require players to locate new solar systems, outside of the main map.

First a system node would be needed. Once probed using the best skills possible, a jump gate would be built, by a player corp or NPC corp that would be used to access the new solar system.

It used to be a game where you could spend hours with pleasure.
Today, it is a shadow of those days, monotonous and boring, with no vision for development and a constant or decreasing number of players. PLEX destroyed the economy, and the game’s twisted logic finished the job. It looks like the creators have lost control over their actions.
I come here less and less often to remember the good times.
I forgot to mention the super arrogant customer service.

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Not mention how corporations and alliances seem to be more involved with data mining players for real-world coincidences.

Eve is a socialist version of mankind in the future if you allow total corruption and greed to decide the fate of all.