What Actually Is Eve Online?

I may have a surprise or two for him :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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These might come handy if you haven’t used them yet: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Locator_Agents :blush:

I haven’t used locator agents yet and I hear he is a good pilot so I am not jumping 20 gates only to get exploded when I can blow up 5 jumps away.

We sort of fell into that as after all we all have access to the best there ever was vods



We could do another Memorial for our fallen Capsuleer hero we come to respect. o7

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Forgot all about that guy. Wasn’t he the one that went apeshit over getting bumped while streaming?

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There was a time when it would be appropriate bring up a roleplay such as going apeshit, though that was not how we remember him.
In light of his past, he would always go over past events with detail to understand the reasons for such.

ie, prime example “how hatelesS lost my jump frieghter”
& and how hatelesS would go out of his way to save other Capsuleer’s out on Ice belts.

That’s what Actually is Eve Online

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Eve Online is also an environment where you are able to meet like minded people and then blow everyone else to bits.

Why so restrictive? It’s always fun to blow each other up with like minded people too. :blush:

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What happened to eve equaling “everyone verses everyone”?

I could go on, but I will let you all do it for me. :grin:


Just everyone but you, because then you’d have to come cry on the forums again about how you got ganked? :thinking:

Eve Online is also a troll zapper that attracts people who do not play the game but troll to see what players are talking about to try and scam the player offline.

In other games you can’t experience a Simulation at so many levels.

EVE Got Player driven Economy…
…That Economy change with time , every expansions change value of Items.
Not only because of new items , and not because of gank squads.
Some expansions got specific story line , and that story line contain …like it was in Invasion ,
a specific simulation activity for NPC…
-Imagine that during Invasion at Asteroid Belts warp Triglavian Ships , and shot players.
-In similar peroid of time …was a Nullsec blackout …Some player stations where under fire by Drifters.
…And if there is not planned as such NPC Activity , there are always players and there is always a impact in game economy.
EVE Economy is also Production…
…In this Size it is also first or highest grade , There is no game with steps in a line with EVE Online.
-Other games are steps behind.
Economy and Production …so Extraction of Resources , basic…
Some say Extraction is too time consuming in game , all ways…
-Possibility to Extract so many different resources , One
-Possibility to Extract resources ^ for many ways of Industry , Two
-Creates a endless opportunity in Production , Three
-Extraction is still Basic PASSIVE INCOME , Four
and Last …Plex allow you to Control MORE COMPLEX SHIPS…
…By Omega , By Expert Systems…

Final Last Words…About Economy.
…If you can’t accept a Price , you dont work for payment.
…If you can’t accept a changes , you probably not taking game serious.
…If you can’t accept it all , you have to know that EVE is like real work and not going to change.

So Question…Why do i play?
…I simply like this game
-Many different ways to earn ISK. I Already speak about.
-Grind that bring a satisfaction. Yes if you like.
-Glory that you can earn. In Many ways.
-Story part and rules that allow you to create Fiction even for real cash…
…and it is a topic
-Have you read a Books in EVE Online Universe?
-Have you write a own Fiction in Players Fiction section at Forum…
…Look at my Riggs’n’Synth.[Always want to write a book in EVE Online Universe]

^^^^ Case in point ^^^^^

Even I missed the very beginning of EVE. Its nowhere what it used to be and the numbers show it.


What is EvE Online ? In Eve’s own words, all about her:

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The truth from an older player? A money grab. From the sales of eye candy that you only see and other players never see, to the useless ship skins. just play for awhile and pay attention and you will see what I mean.


Yeah, that’s like asking yourself, do I purchase the cheap or really good pair of underwear for going out Friday night, knowing that as soon as you open the door to leave, Eve calls you back to her bed, which you have no problems coming back to.