What Actually Is Eve Online?


He’s not even here.

The boy is all bark and no bite.

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Man I kept waiting and waiting but no one showed up :confused: I’ll just go to bed at this point


Frosty waited for two days now in Nulsec this next few days

Stop Press. Water Is Wet. Read all about it !

Do you guys know how to sort out the meaningful discussion?

This is exactly the raw essence of EveOnline is about.
Pick a side and share some banter.

Hey Dryson, how’d the fleet go?

So what. I shot down a known petty ganker and lost my Proteus. My bad for not activating the Kill Right before hand.

Why were you not Safety Green?

He had asked on the forum here days ago and Frosty seems to still be waiting for



Frosty sent this message without response, could of saved him 600 mil fit.

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So as far as I can see, this isn’t anti-ganking, it is “reverse” ganking. Because usually when you gank, you try to kill a very expensive ship with a very cheap one.

Now I don’t mean to say that you ganked yourself @DrysonBennington, but I am just saying, it is a very unorthodox way to go about this trade. By all means, uh, you know, keep exploring this avenue and perhaps you will discover something that nobody else has before.

With uncharted regards
-James Fuchs

The question I have is, what is your favorite of tear box sniffling tissues?

Shrugs. Don’t come at a person at work with some b.s. because you want a hand out from life.

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Grabs a partly used tissue out of his mittens, wipes the sniffles away then proceeds to mention that Frosty was just about to replace that ship loss then stopped after reading your comment about

hand out in life

That’s not very fair as this is not life it’s Eve Online…

Tell the people in real life that.

Calm your mind for a moment and let your thoughts about what’s happening outside of EveOnline drift off until you decide to log out.

Frosty had learnt not to include real life drama on the forums.

What is done is done. You didn’t activate the kill right? It was too high perhaps?

All that doesn’t matter anymore…

Together let’s find a new target.

Remember when Frosty committed that he is willing to log in for you?

If you were an big Alliance leader calling for Capsuleers to log in. Thus is your chance.

Frostpacker will back you and how we mentioned before *we will log on for you *

Read your evemail!

Sure, are you down this weekend? Me and my corp mates would like to join. Lets meet up in Oimmo.

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Eve Online can also teach players the basics of logistics, time management, which products should be hauled to create an effcient delivery of goods to the customers.

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EvE is a game about fluid dynamics and learning to swim.
Get to it !


Almost, but it doesn’t show the other player(s) already in the pool. :wink:



Hang on, can remedy that :smiley:

Here we go, with other pool occupants…

what's eve online