Why Does Botting Exist?

Botting exists for two reasons:

  1. Alliances want to field massive PvP fleets that miners cannot keep up with material production.

2.Alliance simply want to buy their ships and modules from the market.

3.Drop large amounts of minerals and ores into the market to provide a base for manufacturing.

I constantly see comments about know one wanting to mine as it doesn’t make any ISK.

In short the mentality of the PvPer’s trying to turn Eve Online into a FPS shooter has given the botters their life.

I’m not supporting botters at all but with less manufacturing and mining taking place, its apparent that the High Sec Gankers and PvPer’s are trying to drive mining and manufacturing out of the game entirely.

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And then you list 3, all of them wrapped in your usual twisted understanding of how stuff works.

People bot because because an activity can be automated efficiently, it doesn’t require actually playing the game and is thus an easy efficient way to make isk, in order to buy bling or to sell the isk for real money etc etc.

TL;DR Bots exist for a multitude of reasons.


If PvP’ers want to drive miners and manufacturers out of the game, they sure are doing a bad job at doing it.

[Montly Economic Report: December 2018]


First, that’s 3 reasons you listed. Second, your tears are amazing as this is a gank tears thread not a bot thread.

But to pull this into the topic you claimed this to be about, you’re a bit off the mark.

  1. Completely wrong, we can actually easily keep up. Especially at the rate at which multiboxed rorquals and such can pump out minerals. Believe it or not, massive fleets are not lost on a daily basis or even weekly. And when losses occur it’s even less often an entire fleet.

  2. This is how eve functions? People build things then sell them on the market, while this is very low effort, it’s not really botted all that often. The bots in this regard are market bots and have very little to do with the efforts of an alliance and more personal gain.

  3. While this is the outcome of botting as well as normal play, it is not the reason for the botting.

Just like any other game botting largely is spurred on by the lack of incentive to be involved in the game itself. In other words, the activities are mundane and repetitive with no draw outside of this is what needed to get to the end goal (buying a ship for pvp or status/seeing high numbers in your wallet/etc). The vast majority of botting also takes place in null not high security space. Your gankers are simply there because high sec has the highest concentration of players and therefore the least amount of work to find a target. Add to that the lack of content in WH/Null/Low space due in now small part to scarcity of players and mechanics that make escape easier.

Ask yourself this, why do people buy isk/gold/insert currency here? Because obtaining it takes time and is typically not fun and repetative but is required to actually participate in what is considered fun and engaging. It is these reasons people bot:

  1. The mechanics being botted are not fun or engaging enough yet are required to “properly” play the game.
  2. This heavy demand for in game currency creates a secondary market for those not wanting to bot themselves and therefore draw people in for a chance to profit irl.

Now the question is, what can be done about it? That’s the real debate. What changes can be made that both reduce the demand for high amounts of game currency while increasing one’s engagement and enjoyment when performing the actions required to obtain it?

Botting exists because mining is probably less exciting than watching paint dry.

This is why, though probably moot to suggest at this point, there should never have been players mining in game. Ever.
Were it up to me, had I been there when Eve was being … invented… I would have said “So. This is going to be a PVP game. I see you are perturbed because Ultima went carebear. But you want to make a PVP game yet force players to watch paint dry. How about this: how about instead of players mining, players will purchase NPC mining ships and crews and deploy them. Give them orders and things like that. Then they go out and do their thing. Meanwhile, any other player can freely shoot the NPC mining ships just like they can shoot at those NPC convoys going to and from stations. This way, everybody can be a PVP player and have combat ships instead of this ‘predator prey’ business where the prey is not only helpless but bored out of his freaking mind”.

But I was not there. So that was not said. So the game is where it is. Enjoy the bots.
Unless CCP, or the new bosses, grow a pair and do to botting with my idea what they did to RMT wiht PLEX, and make some changes.
INB4 “but but I have all my mining skills up to 5!”
OK so those can translate into better ships, equipment, and crews. Same difference.

If the idea is implemented I want payment in the form of a BIg Lebowski skin for my Cyclone - since this idea is really just, like, my opinion.

Somebody moved the fridge again.

Phisphing? I never played Ultima. Silk Road Online, yes but never Ultima.

Automated mining would be as bad as automated hauling and automated ratting. Very good thing you weren’t there.

Botting isn’t just a mining thing. Bots do faction warfare, ratting, courier missions, trade etc etc.

Botting doesn’t exist merely because people are trying to avoid boring activities. It exists because they are trying to do money making activities without pause. Bots do not get tired. They don’t need to eat or go to the toilet. You activate them and forget about them.

Show me a bot that isn’t trying to make isk…or in other games grind XP.

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This bot isn’t farming isk or exp its only trying to annihilate all humans lol… I wonder how long until the ultimate pvp bot’s will come out that kite perfectly just out of scram/web range, then we in the ■■■■.

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Surely that’s just a sophisticated npc. Like the npc’s gate camping lowsec right now.

If I were there the targeting mechanics would have been different too - impossible to gank because of signal cross-talk (which happens to real systems that I used to work on).

Given the activities you outlined, looks like bots are getting very sophisticated. The only solution then would be to make resources finite.

So the bots and npc miners can have them all?

I do want there to be less resources, but finite is quite simply wrong. The fact that resources are infinite is the only reason there is something left for real players to do.

Imagine how many fw sites there would be if the bots had been running them all night before you got up. How many courier missions would be left. Or how many anoms there would be left.

Think of the poor Australians and @Nevyn_Auscent already suffering from the finite nature of asteroid belts.

Bots are players. You cannot really nerf them without nerfing players. Like a bot running a mission is probably better at it than a new player, so how do you change the mission without making it really difficult for the player? You can’t.

At best we can remove courier and mining missions. But people wont be happy about that, and i suppose bots can run security missions and anoms anyways. It accomplishes very little.

The best answer to the bot problem is identification and reporting.

… :p… Why thanks for caring.
I’m pretty sure it’s also the same people continuing to bot. Kids with guns surely will ring bells, and with the lack of local they had a swarm of rattlesnakes that acted like bots torn apart over the last day. There obviously are issues on following the isk far enough. At this stage I think I’d prefer them to be harsher even if a few innocent people get caught with negative wallets as a result.

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Perhaps then removing local is the way to remove bots


No. If they remove local altogether, the bot makers would just adapt them to work without local. The only reason they are getting killed now is because they were assuming local would still work.

You do realize that if they do that, you will definitely be one of them for saying that, right? xD

The vast majority of bots don’t belong to players who are running them to prop up their own personal income, they are run by a number of large ‘professional’ businesses which make more RMT’d money a month out of Eve and any other games which are a soft touch, than you can imagine.

Bots aren’t just specific to mining, any income stream within Eve is currently plagued by bots, the market, exploration, faction warfare, PVE, hauler missions and the list goes on.

They don’t care about you or even the game, they care about turning over 10’s of thousands of pounds a month in RMT, across whatever games they can. They will bleed Eve dry whilst the gravy train exists.

If you want to rant at anyone, rant at CCP for letting it get to this state and to those players which purchase RMT’d isk


Nope. Botting exists because humans are an odd species of animals.

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How are they going to do that?

We can’t have our cake and eat it too. We can’t have it all. Something is going to have to go. The cost if “instant free intelligence” is botting.

One or the other has to go. Since botting is not going anywhere, then robbing these bots instant free intelligence and killing them is the only way.


Reducing a discussion to a binary debate is stripping the complexity from a challenge in order to push opinion. Correlation /= causation. Effectively you’re just presenting an unfounded opinion without relation as a conclusion. That’s hilarious.

As for getting cake and eating it too, I would think that in these times people would understand that humans tend to always strive towards exactly that. Look at the stupidity of self delusion in brexit as a current example. Same reductionism there too, incidentally.

You are saying that bots are CODE.'s fault?