About the botters...?

I’ve just come back and logged into eve to find that it still has problems. On the plus side, it still has really interesting space ships. I’m wondering if there was a recent ban wave on bots? And if so… shouldn’t the back up bots be in place by now? I just passed through a few high sec systems… and the belts were not wiped out. I’m curious about it; if you can link an article or thread that has some information on this please help me out. It’s been about 6 months since I logged in fyi.

Here is info on the last wave of botting bans.

High sec botting not so much a thing.
Much more profitable, and safer to not in null.

You can find them in Omist, Period Basis, and Branch regions.

Is there really that big a difference between a bot and an AFK player running the same content? The problem will remain until the content becomes less predictable. More effort to harvest the rewards might also help - perhaps replacing bounties with “blue loot”.

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What are you trying to suggest with this question?

Bots already use Salvaging and Looting characters that scoop NPC wrecks, salvage them, and collect the dropped modules. This would not really change much.

Don’t let yourself get trolled into silly arguments rooting in rethorical questions.

No, there really isn’t. Reality is that there’s no human actually playing. The difference in the details is that one is EULA compliant and the other isn’t. There’s another minor detail regarding moving from one site to the other, but there’s no way of telling if the afk appearing player is actually moving his ship himself, or if he’s using a bot.

So ■■■■ 'em both. Reminds me of afk cloaky whiners.


As said, high sec botting isn’t much of a thing, especially not bot-swarming asteroid belts. Can make ten times as much in Null. Just pay some rent to one of the bot-friendly Null alliances, turn on your bot software or AFK-farm 10 accounts with your 3rd-party software emitting loud pings whenever you need to tap a key, and farm hundreds of billions of ISK until ISK isn’t worth anything any more.

Go ahead, all the cool kids are doing it, and CCP obviously approves (except for the occasional dog-and-pony show ‘look we banned 600 botters!’). Otherwise they wouldn’t have structured half the game around enabling it and making subs off it.


CCP doesn’t really care about bots. If they did they would hire more security and do a blitz against bots, especially in null sec. However, this goes against anything the GSM want because they know that Goons would get caught by the ban hammer. If CCP really wanted to slow or stop bots, their next expansion would be called “Kill-A-Bot” or something similar.

However, they will give use poor high sec expansions with the hope to keep us distracted while allowing players to prosper by using bot technology in null sec.


Thanks for the replies. It’s a shame that bots are still a huge problem, I was actually hopeful that it had been properly addressed.

At the end of the day isn’t it safe to assume that eve is actually a single player game and you’re merely controlled by GM’s?

It can’t actually be properly addressed.
It’s literally an arms race.

There can be no winner. The bots stop when the game dies, or software is being sufficiently restricted on a hardware level … which we’ll probably reach within the next five to ten years, though I’m not convinced that’s actually a good thing for anyone but companies.

Anyhow, I can share a short anecdote.

According to my well informed, old man musician friend, Steinberg made a deal with the russian hackers who kept releasing cracked versions of - at least - Cubase, because they almost literally killed the company. Steinberg outright told them that if they’d do it one more time, they’d go out of business.

Details of the deal are unknown to me, but the crackers actually cared enough to stop doing it. They never actually did it for money, they just wanted to do it, because they could do it. They understood that there’s no point in literally killing it, so they stopped releasing their cracks.

Sadly, as botters/RMTers are purely driven by greed, they wouldn’t give a single flying ■■■■ about EVE.

I must respectfully disagree with Solstice here. EVE is one of the most bottable games I’ve ever played, both in potential rewards earned and the ease of using bots as well as the predictability of the content. A great many of the ‘game play’ complaints about EVE over the years has been that essentially, game mechanics and rewards systems design turns us players into bots, grinding the same repetitive thing over and over again. It’s no wonder some players decided to simply automate the process.

I would agree that CCP can’t completely win against bots. They can, however, attack botting on quite a number of levels, ones which they have never really even attempted. My personal feeling is that CCP is well aware how many bot/AFK-farm accounts are players paying for multiple account subs, and they don’t want to mess with those. So they confine identification/eradication to suspected RMTers and the occasional publicity ban, without really attacking the sources of the broader issue.

Actually, a very great many botters are regular players, farming up resources for their main account and their corps/alliances. The RMT market isn’t anywhere near large enough to launder the amount of ISK/loot/marketbot trading that occurs on a monthly basis. These are players who obviously care about the game, but end up saying ‘well everyone else is doing it so I need to as well, to keep up’… or similar justifications.

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You are so wrong, Blizzard done it and there is no more boots it Blizzards games.
When there is a will there’s a way …

Can you please point me at a source verifying your claim?

Google disagrees, and I rather believe Google than someone who has absolutely no apparent understanding of the technical challenges involved.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Do not be lazy, do your own homework!

I did. I always do. That’s hinted at in my posting history too, multiple times!

Conclusion was that you’re spreading ■■■■■■■■
and your unwillingness to provide proof underlines it.

Do you feel it’s your place to call out people for opinions?

No you did not, you are talking fairy tales and you can do that because people here are in self-deception.

■■■■ off, LSG.

It’s always everyone’s place to do so.

It’s not an opinion. It’s a statement people, who don’t do their homework, would actually believe. Okay, sure, they might not believe in this special case, but many people literally just “read the headlines” and/or simply agree with what is said as long as it is said by someone who aligns with their own personal interest.

Most people simply don’t do their homework.

Fact of the matter is that her statement is pure ■■■■■■■■ and leaving ground for her to advance her ■■■■■■■■ is a definite no-go, especially considering who she is and her history on the forums. That’s not to say that there’s a point in arguing about it back-and-forth. That’s just stupid and playing into her (or people like her) hands.

Imagine a world where people actually cared about their intellect enough (instead of just assuming they’re smart by default) to avoid spreading non-factual information. Imagine a world where people check if their words and views align with reality, or at least made sure that what they have to say makes actual logical sense as a whole, not just as a selected part of the whole.

Yes … it’s absolutely everyone’s place to call out people for their opinions.
The details, how/why, depend on the person. Everyone reaps what they sow.