What Actually Is Eve Online?

Maybe miners should throw around Calm down ganker the same amount as gankers the miner variant just to spice up the forum pvp a bit. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smiling_imp: :popcorn:

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That’s what carebears do. They think copying me will make them look cool, but it just makes them look unoriginal and desperate.

Oh look she is claiming to be the first to type *

calm down miner

/false claims that make her sound clueless on who was the first to type that on the forum! :popcorn:

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OH! MY! GAWD!! I get it now!

You dirty boi shame on you. I would tell your mother, if you actually had one to tell. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wanna team up this weekend and go ganker hunting?

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I’m ready and have ships ready.

Allow me to down this ice cold ice block and will be ready to accept fleet.

Maybe @Felix_Frostpacker will finally personally pod Aiko and grab her frozen corpse this weekend? :thinking: :slight_smile: :popcorn:

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We already have that fine specimen. Hopefully we chase after some other gankers.

Like today frosty was just 84 kms away from Sargon and then he warped off :stuck_out_tongue:


Eveonline is about baiting and also catch n release

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No actual crime was committed, and no-one forced you to give anything up.

I’m pretty sure that you don’t matter enough to anyone who actually is “anyone” for them to go through all that effort to deke you out over a video-game.

Then do something, for the love of G-d/FSM/Whomever --Stop being this puling repugnant little victim just sitting there waiting for mamma-bird to regurgitate you your daily slop, and ■■■■■■■ act in your own defence as a group/community.

If you’ve got real friends in-game, then you need to make use of that, because in EVE, this matters, like, a lot.
And if they can’t or won’t help you, then maybe it’s time to look for some better friends.

EVE-O is by now the only MMORPG left (AFAIK) in which one can actually do that, all it takes is a little bit of thought and effort.

You can start by:

(Aside: I’m assuming you’re a miner? Missionbears are usually a lot less consistently vocal in their crying IME, plus they typically understand basic combat-fitting and/or tanking.)

  • Switch to your mining ship, then go into your item hangar → Select the modules “Damage Control II” and “Medium Shield Extender II” → Right-click and select “Fit to Active Ship” from the pop-down.
  • Still got a midslot? And an Multispectrum Shield Hardener --even base T I will make a big difference.
  • If you’ve got a low-slot to spare, then add even just one of any module with “Reinforced Bulkhead” in it’s name to the selection.
  • Free rig-slots mean you can add either shield-resist, shield HP, or Hull HP (those last don’t affect the ore-holds) rigs. the T I ones are cheap.

That’s literally all it takes --Not to say you still can’t be/won’t be ganked, but the cost-benefit ratio has just skewed –heavily– enough in your favour that most workaday gankers probably wouldn’t bother unless it’s either strictly for lols, or you made a personal enemy somewhere.

Despite what your martyr’s complex might lead you to believe, the former are actually quite rare, and the latter rarer still.

Stop being a pathetic little carebear just for once, and ■■■■■■■ do something.

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I’m positive that Tony knows that and just wants reaction from the focus group.

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Lad I can teach an entire course on anti gank 101. Even tho I don’t post as much here the regulars got a good idea of where I land on the political spectrum of EVE. I don’t have to explain my background but I know all about bling and tradeoffs in a business game like EVE. It’s actually the reason why I am named after the cartoon mob boss. :sweat_smile: So please chill out dude.

I got my stories to tell.

??? I am more of an almost burnt out bitter vet if anything. :joy: :joy:

Oh yah I didn’t expect him to go off on a huge rant from the small sentences I posted LOL

So what are you crying about, then? And yes, you are.

i CBA to check, but I suspect there’s some hilarious (for the wrong reasons) lossmails involved, there.

You started with the really long post (post 130) :joy: Don’t blame me.

But again this is all data I collect for social research :nerd_face: EVE online is indeed a big social experiment.

There is no word or insult you can throw at me that would actually emotionally damage me because I am an incursion vet who flew with the most elite carebear snobs you can fathom and I play Dota 2 regularly so I got a pretty thick skin when it comes to this.

One more edit: :sweat_smile:

EVE online is more than loss mails and they are only the tip of the iceberg. Drama can’t be captured in a loss mail. Context is not in loss mails. I hope you don’t think stories only come from loss mails.

A long post is crying, now --What do the angles of a triangle add up to in your reality?

(And could you share whatever it is you’re on that got you there, as it’s clearly the really good “good stuff”. What we used to call “Bogart’ing” is considered a bit rude.)


Seriously? That’s like labelling crates full of smuggled weapons/contraband “machine parts”. Nobody actually uses that unironically anymore.

That’s why I said “involves”, you tit, not “anchored by”, or “Informed largely/entirely by”. EVE is a comprehensive PvP game, so most stories are going to involve pew-pew and the results thereof transcribed by, kill- and/or lossmails. Learn to words.

(Mate, really: Did that Golem need to be that blinged out? Hats off to WingspanTT though, one of the few entities left in EVE for whom I have actual respect. But at least you were willing to risk it, so points for you)

Cloaky gets you through gank-pipes better than Leopards, by the way. Can’t hit what you can’t see, even if it’s an unwieldy armour-brick.

And, once again:

So why all the “copium” as the Internet cool kids put it?

And also again: Yes, you are.

Hope that was a little more…concise for your attention span to handle.

Very relevant because it helps me deal with internet karens :sunglasses:

Chill man.

I am a modestly stupid rich RP mob boss with nothing better to do LOL

Safety/Code is ganking in Eudama atm.

Kill Mail field day in Eudama, come get your Safety Pod and Ship kills people. At least 50 gankers in Eudama.

And? This is Eve Online.

What are we doing about this?

Let’s join them :smiling_imp:

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You don’t even know how to spell it?

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You should get an antiganking permit, so you don’t have to concord your proteus again.