What am I worth?

15M sp sub cap character!!!

Located in NPC station in Fricoure in Gallente High sec.

Most skills maxed to alpha levels although some are a little above but some below. Has a mix of basic/limited attribute & gunnery hardwiring implants. Positive security status, NO jump clones and NO kill rights.

Can fly Gallente/Minmatar/Caldari/Amarr frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battlecruisers & battleships but only Gallente haulers, Can use up to LARGE energy/projectile/hybrid turrets, rockets & light/heavy missiles.

Wallet has 20+M isk but NO ASSETS!!!

Selling as I have a problem with multiple accounts and it’s taking over my life. :rofl:

Reasonable offers only. :pray:

My estimation: Extraction Value[@350]: 3,5B
so dont expect that much. Maybe let him sit and train for the futrure.


I knew he wouldn’t be worth much, but thank you for the reply

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Please add the Location the Character is, and this Thread would be finde.

Done :+1:

5b bid
However I would like to see eve skills link

Interested in the skills link as well, will bid once I can see that.

I thought the link showed skills… let me look into that

Updated with link to show info about skills.

5.5b bid

I am going away for 3 days as of this reply. I will check back in when I get home.

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