What Are These Windows...And How Do I Get Them Back?

So I’m sitting there at the hub at Amarr, messing about with fittings, when all of a sudden I notice that there’s these 5 square windows that have opened on the far right of the screen ( to the right of hangar, agents, etc ). The top one said ‘Universe’…I forget what the rest were. They were all small maps of some sort. No idea what I pressed to get them, but they looked useful. I’ve never seen them on any video about Eve.

When I re-entered the login the windows were gone. What were they ? And how do I get them again…as I looked through the entire menu and could find nothing that reproduced it.

That looks to be the Map-browser. Right-click a solar system name, and select Show in Mapbrowser. (This is NOT “Show on Map”)

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Ah yes. Useful.

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Shortcut is F11.


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