Missing the world control map

Hello as the title says, i’m missing the control panel, i’m fairly new at this game and after googling with no solution in site for the past 30 min i would like some help.
things i have done:
clicking on the background of the map - gives only “select current” option .
checking the neocom menu for any missing minimized panels.
help would be appertained thanks!

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EvE does not have a “world control map” in the way that many other games may have, perhaps you are looking for something that does not exist.

EvE does have a star map that gives a wealth off information here is a link to a web site that can explain it better than I can in the limited space allowed here.
EvE University Star Map

There are other sites online that have useful information about the EvE Universe as well.
Dot Lan maps has been a go to for as long as I can remember.
Daily Sov Maps will give you a visual indication of which group holds sov in Nul Sec space.

If none of this helps solve your problem there are a few common things to help with weird problems.

Clearing your client cache - yes even though you are relatively new you could have cache related client issues, this site will help you with that possibility.

Beyond those I would need more specific information on what you were trying do to be of much more help.

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first of all, thanks for the taking the time to help it really nice to see such a good community :slight_smile:
about what i want to do - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs_lKHs6Fcw
in the following link u can see around 1:18 the player accessing a panel “world control panel” the one i’m looking for. i can also add screenshots\vods from my own game to figure out how to access this and what am i missing.

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You are probably using the new map. The statistics and other filters are build into the map header (top bar) and they are not in a separate window anymore

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Hi, welcome to Eve.

If you want to use the old map (which I prefer using) just follow the directions here and de-select the option to use the Beta Map.


Usually you can find plenty of info available via google search in various wiki’s, guides, youtube vid’s and threads in these forums.

Good luck and may you have a long rewarding career here in Eve.

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