Solar System Statistics panel

I’ve been watching a video Low Sec Mining in Venture, made in 2013. Amongst other things it shows a ‘World Map Control Panel’ showing data like ships and pods destroyed etc. for a selected system. I can’t find this in the current Eve, has it been discontinued or superseded ?

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This functionality still exists on the new map.

  • Open the map
  • Click on the second symbol on the top left (color by)
  • Open the “Geography and Statistics” sub-menu
  • You can color systems by Ships / Pods destroyed in the last 24 hours, average pilots in space and other useful statistics.
  • If you mouse-over a system then you can see the exact count of ships / pods destroyed.

Thank you - fascinating stuff.

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There are also 3rd party player-made resources that give a less fancy, but sometimes more functional interface than the in-game one. I personally use DOTLAN EveMaps in all my PvP and general navigation.


Thanks for that! I’ve been out of the game for 6.5 years or so and was looking for something that I could easily run on my iPad or PC. Even before all these major overhauls to the UI I always like a more simplified version, might even print out a few…

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