What are your thoughts on sarcity?

but but… why?!
WH life is where the isk is nowdays, and soon enough there’s gonna be content as well once everyone understands null is dying.

this is right, but it’s also due to a large pre-built stock. this is largely true for capital ships.
I’m pretty sure the market price will not reflect the build cost in years to come?
the more that quits, the longer it will take.

Also. pirate(?) / navy faction ships can be bought from unchanged LP-values, also faction ship provides “meh” stats compared to the build pricejump. so this will help to keep the market valued under build cost.
t1 is cheaper, t2 as well, specialized t2 ships is more or less the same? its a little more expensive to build but that is taken from the profit margin for the most part.

ganking in t1 is now cheaper and it’s the majority of ships destroyed (to concord in high sec) so… even if it’s not “staying the same” the total value of loss is going to be lower than it has been, if you divide isk loss by amount of ships destroyed.

so… long story short, ccp wants people to form logifleets for freighters in highsec?
one could guess… as industry changes promote more hauling to be done, at the same time as they are giving gankers better isk/hr to keep ganking.

perhaps its more lucrative to gank now, so more are doing it. or perhaps it’s just a statistical flaw(isk destruction) that is misrepresenting the truth, or perhaps both.

I personally don’t mind scarcity at all. Nullsec needs a way to meaningfully farm isk though.

Null is only dying because they are getting bored of their great war. PAPI has to stay in Delve somewhat to keep the Imperium “contained”. And Goons are supposedly contained in one constellation. Players have to be motivated to play… and there is no fun to be had during a siege. Its boring. So, maybe some of that TTT “value” needs to go to pay line members to play.

Null is dying because of its own actions, not because of CCP.

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Nul isn’t dying, it’s simply entering its next stage of stagnency.
Game mechanics as they are mean “The Great War” will have no end. While ever it is possible to undock hundreds of Supers and Capitals and fight from the safety of “tether”, the war will remain a stalemate.
Each side will have minor victories here and there but as far as an end to the war, CCP would need to intervene by changing sov and structure mechanics to see a “final conclusion”.

And you don’t think CCP will screw that up as well?

The problem with such gear inflation is that every introduction of new gear makes the old stuff obsolete. And your game requires new enemies to go with the powercreep.

It works in a game where everyone plays at the level cap and new zones and gear replace the old ones every expansion. And it’s a really lazy approaxh to balancing.

It doesn’t work for a game like EVE where all ships, zones and enemies are (supposed to be) just as relevant now as 5 years in the future.

My thoughts on scarcity?


that’s my thought on scarcity

There is only one final method to remove scarcity: uninstall EVE online.

Thats how scarcity is removed. Lots of free time to farm potatoes.

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They only grow corn and beans in my region. There are cows, horses and sheep, tho. Do those count?

Everything, but not cows. Cows are dangerous.


They can be. Have you ever seen a stampede in real? I have. It’s nothing to joke about.

where the PvE income stream is, there is the “PVP”, so that’s where everyone is going to be.
but the only “valid” income streams CCP has left remaining in EVE are wh, missions, incursions and abyssal… = not null.

I see it like the war is what keeps content alive in null.
as I understand, the war itself has nothing to do with “starvation”/“scarcity”. Even though CCP claims as much. It is more or less: “the last call on happy hour.”

once the war is done there won’t be much content at all “worth doing”?
there will be some area-bound mining, but that’s it?

No, I honestly don’t think CCP will screw with wh life.
Wh is the elite level of eve, has always been will always be? ccp is also mentioning wh space in favourable words, at a time they nerf everything else.

in wh you have all the eliteness ordinary plebs (who think they l33t) want to turn null-sec into. Zzz.
blackout, no mobile observatory, no ess, and you have the best isk/hr.
(aka the plebs will eventually get smart and move on from the forum pvp to wh pvp?)

90% of the content in wow is “rebalancing”… lol… so dosnt really work in wow either ? xD

It’s pretty hard to do PvE when you’re being told to man the wall to keep Goons in or man the wall to protect what Goons have left.

Look at how much Frat is producing and get back to me…

It doesn’t. It’s about egos.

Eh. CCP is pushing the narrative that scarcity breeds content… but the war started prior to scarcity occurring. I think they have other goals as I’ve already outlined.

Null will still have one of the best reward to risk ratios in Eve Online in terms of ratting, PI, and mining…

I think you need to learn to spell it.

the mining ok? I don’t know stuff about mining. but the economical report says hisec mining is the isk bringer *shrugs

but the pi and ratting no, no… no.

the resources on PI moons are fixed, but the localizations of the deposits shift, so an “overpopulated” moon means you “have to” move drills/factories often… or run it with fewer factories to compensate for the long links, thus an ever-shifting “well-populated” null pi-moon will produce less sustainable isk/hr then an un-popular lowsec one ://
If you really want to make a profit on PI thou,… just set up p3-p4 factories in trade hubs and buy whatever from buy orders.

same with ratting, a populated null will drain the DBS, unless there’s some PVP action as well, but then again… not even 200% of “normal” ticks will matter if your investment is lost to a 30m pvp ship that you cant even hit with your billion isk pve ship.

I’m sorry to say; I dont agree with you that isk vs risk is highest in null… its more like it’s the other way around, risk per isk is highest in null.
as sustained isk/hr is bigger anywhere else than null…


you are all V, polarize torping havens in a bomber. Preferable with hauler alt that can drop/scoop MTU’s. Then isk/risk might be higher in null…
But it’s kinda lol… that the scarcity made “the next meta” PvE covops bombers in null. and it’s kinda lol the new meta of PvE income(in null) is 90 days train time…

No, ccp_Team.Scarcity takes credit for the “biggest war in eve” as well as saying that “scarcity brings content” … couldn’t be further from the truth thou.

All i know its a heap of factors that brought the war, the scarcity is not one of them and i’ve never even heard of it before CCP brought it up in a devpost…

Thus why I said CCP is pushing the narrative. Its not true, but that’s the narrative they are pushing.

Wow. That’s exactly what I said…

Yes, hi sec produces a lot more ISK. Now look at the number of players in hi sec to those in null sec.

Unless… I mean you want to compare wartime null to the rest of Eve. But go back and look at pre-war numbers. There is a reason why there are so many titans in the game and it isn’t from high sec production…

Let’s cut the garbage. One of the biggest selling points used by null sec alliances (outside of wartime) is that null sec is so safe because gankers don’t go out there and local shows you when a non-ally enters system and you can immediately dock up. And they will tell you how much ISK you’ll make out there.

Null sec is as dangerous as it needs to be to sell whatever agenda null sec is selling. If null is recruiting more players: “its safer than high sec and you’ll make so much ISK”. When talking about how much ISK is made in null sec in comparison to other space: “null is so much more dangerous than other space, it should have the most reward.”

I hate to tell null sec players: you can’t have it both ways.

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numbers dont lie. we’ve lost around 10k players in the last 4 months or so. scarcity phase is actively ruining eve.


Scarcity is just a scapegoat for the game simply not being that fun anymore. People would still log in and play even if the mining yields were lower (even though that doesn’t affect income anyway) if the game’s entertaining. But there’s nothing to do aside from grinding, ganking, or gawking at fake-ass reward events. They removed all the juice by taking out most of the ways that players could interact with each other in a competitive manner.


You know what else has been happening in the last 4 months? COVID restrictions have been being lifted. After over a year of being on lockdown, people can go out and be social. And they are likely doing that. Crazy notion…

I also took a look at eve-offline.net. Online numbers for this month are very similar to July of 2019… COVID lockdown brought in a lot of players; both old and new. Without anything to do, people played games from home. Which inflated the numbers…

Then, the war started… players came back to fight for both sides; however, the war has been a virtual standstill for months. And that causes boredom.

Couple these two things together and the fact that online numbers are similar to what they were in 2019 around this same time and the facts show that while scarcity does suck, it’s not ruining the game…

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Look, I wasn’t asking for facts that contradict my opinion.

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