What disgusts you?

Salty players insulting when they PvP. Real life harassment or threats

In the game itself, nothing disgust me
If the opponent beats me, bait me, ganks me, that s deserved and that s the game. And I have no grief for that but some people do

But when it comes to real life that s really ■■■■■■ up

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No such nerf to marauders occcured. Show even remotely where marauder got nerf. You cannot.

It is a bit of a mixed bag - they’ve been slightly improved in some areas like sensor strength and EHP (depending a bit on which) but have had some other areas changed in a not exactly ideal way - overall I wouldn’t really say nerfed but they have sidelined some of the more creative possibilities with them for instance Paladin lost around 20% cap amount and recharge in exchange for doubling its reduction bonus to activation cost of large energy turrets from 5% per level to 10%. That isn’t necessarily a good thing though as the old setup did allow for some interesting thinking outside the box setups.

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For the third time again, I am most concerned with the way how ISD Dorrim Barstorlode moderates this forum.

Btw. Message to your superiors that they lost three subscriptions due to your lack of competence.


Lack of creativity.

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What disgusts me about EVE, along with every other game, is what the corporations have done with Gaming, which is the same thing they did with everything else: they ruined it for the players.

What disgust me? People that have played more than ten years but still use their BIO as a notepad.

Just kidding, people can do what they want, it just grinds my gears.

Dray Cil

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Actually that’s actually in the bio to give other people the information.

Pay it forward EvE style.

–Gadget just puts rock poetry in hers


Disgusted with drones that stop attacking a target before its destroyed and just wander off and attack something else. Especially in the Abyss.

Happens in Pochven as well.

It not that deep bro. Found the disgusting thing in the thread :smiley:

Ahh so you admit to being a bittervet. Got it.

It is interesting that a small number of characters seem to be able to go thread after thread, post after thread breaking most if not every one of the points mentioned in the code of conduct while other characters will get slapped for minor breaches.

Some of my recent posting has been a bit of an exercise in seeing just how the land lies in that respect.


People who just spew a tirade of swearing, insults, derogatory terms in Local, or personal message you the same.

Makes me wonder what sort of people play this game sometimes and if they would say the same stuff in real life to my face.


Bro, you are definitely not a good troll at all. But then again you’ve been rroffed so

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I can tell you how the land lies. Some of the forum rules apply to some but not all. Same for the threads, depending on the O.P, some will get locked immediately and others are permitted to linger with the same trolls in them, just free to infringe on the rules like the ISD’s are blind or something.
That’s your FIY but personally it don’t bother me much. The world is topsy-turvy irl so on the internet it’s all F-ed up as expected.
Take care.


It’s really simple, if you don’t sperg you don’t get in trouble in the first place. If you sperg once or twice your post might get dev/nulled but that’s it. If you sperg a lot you will get noticed and they will, for very good reasons, get less and less lenient. If you feel you are “targeted” and “unfairly treated” it’s probably your own fault based on your posting history, severity of trolling and/or sperging or just how blatantly obvious and boring your trolling is. Git gud.

The ones who are discussing the moderation right now were already on my “lets not even bother to read their posts” list so there’s a good chance you’re also on their “lets not even bother to be lenient” list. Consequences to actions and all that.

God what tosh. Here is what you are saying:

Bias is a positive quality
Forgiveness is a negative quality.
Devotion to a topic is a negative quality.
Trolling is a positive quality so long as you do it well.

And by extention:
You are guilty from the first accusation.
Therefore, you are even more guilty from the second and third.
Therefore, whether your case gets investigated depends on the whim of the judge.

Plus, damn the rules. They are just there to throw you off the scent of what is going on behind the scenes.

And its all so a minority of “people” can abuse you silly for their own amusement cause remember, trolling is fine so long as you are “gud” at it, however “gud” is defined.


Your posting history contains quite a bit of “discussing moderation”, especially given the number of posts. But you probably “did nothing wrong” right, they targeted you for :x reason: specifically.

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They wouldn’t. That’s the magic of long-distance communication and internet forums, any knucklehead can insult you because they know your fist can’t smash their nose in pieces as soon as their vitriol comes out their insolent mouths.
I just tell myself they’re just words from cowards and move on. There is no reason to linger on anything they say. Ignore or mute is the best course of action.


I will add “attacking the messenger” as a positive quality on your list of “Right and wrong”. Good job.

Edit: I fully admit to doing wrong (from a certain perspective), AFTER being abused by the various trolls here, the ones who STARTED it, ie. the ones who set the tone (for the purpose of the behind the scenes abuse I already mentioned). This forum, and I believe the game itself) is an abuse factory.

But in my defense, when the rules are paper thin as they are written, (and they are) I default to determining the rules by what i see written by members and allowed to stay. So from that perspective I DID NOTHING WRONG.

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