What do you think the new ships will be?

I think we mite see more mining ships and maybe some more destroyers. what do you think we will see?

Probably something like these:

I’d like to see modularised ships. The ability to construct a whole new ship out of smaller elements that work on their own.


Certainly it should be exhumers with 750K EHP, 12 strips, and 5mil m3 ore hold. And marauders to 1mil EHP, back to 100% ewar resistance, 12 bonused launchers/turret slots and more mids and lows to accomodate.

Will that stop the whining finally?


Renamed/skinned/statted versions of existing hulls.


Clearly it’s just SSDD.

Zero creativity. Zero change.

Same boring ships, same ammos, just more HP and a few extra command burst slots.


Hue-sliding and changing a few attributes is what we are paying $5 extra dollars a month for.

STILL the most expensive MMO on the planet.


Yup! Existing hulls painted a different color/skin :laughing:

I will lose a lot of my existing optimism for CCP if they just release the same ship hull but reskined and different stats… (yes I have some hope for CCP left)

Hope CCP doesn’t take the lazy route on this. New hulls would be nice. Or new mechanics. I don’t want the same thing just reskinned. :cry:

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i just hope we get some in-between miner on the ore area as I’m thinking about getting omega

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though we really need destroyers as there is only a base of two and in all out war that would not happen

I like being real with anyone I speak with.

I currently believe this won’t happen. It affects CCP’s alpha/omega business model. There is a reason alphas don’t have access to mining ships/gear.

I can’t emphasize how fun it is to fly the t2 mining frigates and ninja mining glare crust or ore in LS. T2 mining frigs are well worth going omega for this game. Awesome ore/gas/ice miners. They are way more flexible than barges with very generous ore holds. I have many hours of LS mining with the frigates before the compression and market changes.

If you do, make the jump to omega get the bulk options. At least the one that prices monthly omega back to $14.99 USD You can only make the determination about if you like this game or not :slight_smile:

reddit said it’s faction BC and faction exploration frigates.

no coercer navy issue I’m a sad panda :frowning:

Mining barges definitely need a boost to their defenses. Even those, like myself, who used to mine and got ganked for not buying a permit, might return to mining if we are able to defend ourselves with the ability to win.

Not everyone wants to be part of a corporation or alliance and shouldn’t be ganked into a game style that isn’t our choice.


bruh…is no longer a cool phrase.

Explain how having a mining barge that is able to defend itself and actually make gankers think twice about attacking it is a childish emoji?

maybe because they were already buffed to ludicrous levels

Explanation: It is a known fact that if someone wants to gank you, 9 out of 10 times you are going down, no matter your tank or what you do.


Get a skiff
And don’t afk

And regarding topic, here they are: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/xg2ffe/new_navy_ships_on_sisi_in_a_single_image/

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I think barges and exhumers are in a good place.

However is there room for a bigger ship with the pioneering spirit of the prospector? Sort of like the stratios is to the Astero.

Something that could be fit for combat or could be fit for mining or could do a bit of both poorly. I can’t imagine it’d be used in HS but it might see some use in J-space being able to both mine and gank other miners possibly even be used for bait to neut out and kill an unsuspecting proteus or stratios. If CCP were feeling really last it could be based on the stratios hull and called a joint venture between SOE and ORE.