What does a solo player do once he's done with LVL 4 missions?

old thread but the first thing I think of is anoms and sigs. Hunting escalations. In the big null alliances there is an entire trade in escalations. Buying or selling.
The loot ramps up in value quickly and the sites can actually offer a challenge, if you want more than semi-AFK mission running.
I suggest starting out in something fairly cheap like a T3D (I prefer a Confessor) and heading to low sec. A decently fit and flown Confessor can handle most low sec anoms and can GTFO if you have uninvited guests. Once you find some quiet space and get a feel for the area, a T3C is a natural progression. They took a nerf but are still versatile in hostile space. My priority isn’t how fast I can farm but rather how dangerous I can be in a PvP fight or how quickly I can escape if need be. Adjust your priority accordingly.
Have you done the L4 Epic Arcs? They are okay. I have done 3 of the 4 and I wish more of the PvE was like this. It’s very basic as for a branching arc, but it’s better than saving the Damsel…again.
Incursions are another obvious move. It’s about the only money that competes with farming L4’s all day. I make almost 100% of my money with null sec Incursions with super capitals. It’s hit or miss for spawns but a couple days of farming is billions of isk for very little effort.
There is a good amount of high end PvE out there. Fleeting up will immediately increase the content you can take on.

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