What does a solo player do once he's done with LVL 4 missions?

old thread but the first thing I think of is anoms and sigs. Hunting escalations. In the big null alliances there is an entire trade in escalations. Buying or selling.
The loot ramps up in value quickly and the sites can actually offer a challenge, if you want more than semi-AFK mission running.
I suggest starting out in something fairly cheap like a T3D (I prefer a Confessor) and heading to low sec. A decently fit and flown Confessor can handle most low sec anoms and can GTFO if you have uninvited guests. Once you find some quiet space and get a feel for the area, a T3C is a natural progression. They took a nerf but are still versatile in hostile space. My priority isn’t how fast I can farm but rather how dangerous I can be in a PvP fight or how quickly I can escape if need be. Adjust your priority accordingly.
Have you done the L4 Epic Arcs? They are okay. I have done 3 of the 4 and I wish more of the PvE was like this. It’s very basic as for a branching arc, but it’s better than saving the Damsel…again.
Incursions are another obvious move. It’s about the only money that competes with farming L4’s all day. I make almost 100% of my money with null sec Incursions with super capitals. It’s hit or miss for spawns but a couple days of farming is billions of isk for very little effort.
There is a good amount of high end PvE out there. Fleeting up will immediately increase the content you can take on.


Try lv 5’s :yum:

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So… as a solo player, I feel that I won’t ever really be done with lvl 4 missions, but more on that in a bit.

I wanted to try a bit of everything, and so I did. I researched the skills necessary to manufacture, and I began to do that a little bit. It wasn’t immediately profitable, but I did a small bit and it was alright. Fun to learn something new.

Long before that, back before I had to leave EVE the first time, I tried mining which was fun enough, especially if you have a good crew of ppl. From there, I moved to null sec and got a little acquainted with that area of the game. It was constant war at the time, so that was a blast, though I was really terrible and probably a hindrance to fleets :stuck_out_tongue:

After null, I tried some PI when that was first introduced. That was slightly profitable but no idea how it is now. I think I extracted all of those skills…

I tried exploring. This one was a lot of fun. High sec really is boring though, so head on out to low and null for some real iskies. I made myself a nice low sec home in a deserted corner of the universe, and it’s now like a summer cottage for me. Get some good isk, little bit of danger, lots of fun!

A couple of years ago, when I returned to EVE, I built up a bunch of isk on lvl 4 missions so that I could try out some solo pvp by joining FW. This is what I highly recommend! I didn’t get very far because I suck, but I had a ton of fun (I think I was still only flying T1 frigs with T2 fitting, so nice and cheap and paper). I fully intend to dive head first into this again now that I’ve returned, but feel that I need to re-learn my bearings a bit first. I think my favourite fit is now obsolete thanks to the ECM nerf, so I need to go through my prefit ships and make sure the fittings are all still relevant. Anyways, FW gives you the opportunity to solo or gang fight with comms, so you get a little taste of that as well. Unfortunately, I had to leave EVE again, but have now returned! I’m currently running lvl 4s to build up isk again, at which time I fully intend to rejoin FW and lose a bunch more ships.

Before I quit last time, I was running lvl 4 missions (and exploring) simply to feed my solo pvp desires. It’s good that you can run lvl 4 missions and remember to keep a lvl 4 hub with a clone. If you go this route, you will need the isk!

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you probably got bored by the game and quit cause you were doing too much solo stuff, eve is better when being in a corp

Not quite. Quit the first time to focus on getting into law school; quit the second time to focus on my first year of practice.

I agree, EVE is great to play in a corp/alliance. However, for someone like me who gets maybe 2 hours per week to myself, there are very few corps for me. But I quite enjoy playing solo.


This is one of those posts where it’s tempting to be like, “there is a lot to unpack, but easier to throw it all out.”

First off, not every corp will ‘stab you in the back’ and corps don’t get access to your assets anyway, so the worst they can do is annoy you unless you voluntarily contract people your ■■■■ or put it in their structure.

As to what to do solo, there is a ton. I don’t play solo, but I do PvE solo. First thing I would say after lvl 4s is try out lvl 5s, they’re a whole new world of challenge. I have also enjoyed solo triglavian sites, first ECs, then Minors. Solo FOBs are also an interesting challenge, as are DED escalations, etc. Beseiged Outposts are also kinda fun one-offs.

There is a ton of PvE content out there, lots more i haven’t mentioned either of course.

Like others have said, wormholes in lowsec. I’d also recommend trying to get into Blitzing DED 3’s and 4’s. From there you can jump into the world of lowsec DEDs, wormholes, general exploration and if you want to get a little bolder you can dip your toes into NPC null for larger profits and a taste of what sov null would be. Lowsec and npc null are nice, because if you find the right places and get comfortable, you can make a lot of isk and try a lot of different things that come with completely new challenges. Though, it does generally require some sort of alt to scout, haul or do things to support yourself and reduce/mitigate your risks.

Lots of good suggestions and ideas on here. Most corps will not “stab you in the back”, if they are decent. Only ones I’d really watch out for is HS corps doing PVE with a large tax, or they want you to throw money to them. They are probably just lining the CEO’s pocket.

You could put your main/alt in a WH corp, nullsec, piracy group, etc… while still playing around “solo” in high sec mining, running missions, abyssal sites, incursions, etc. I’ve played since 2008, and most of that time was in null in some form. While the isk can be good, along with big battles and fights you read about, it can also be (like now) a bit stagnant and boring. Prearranged fights, structure bashes, blueballs all happen. However, when a good fight goes down, or you burn your enemies to the ground, nothing beats that feeling, and you have the opportunity to be part of something big, regardless of if you are part of a blue donut or not. Getting your first cap, first super or titan - then using it, is a great feeling. A great corp/alliance is one way of playing, some are small and closer knit, others super big and while you won’t know everyone, you can be a part of things that you might otherwise not have access to. I’d equate being in one of the big groups more like pug raiding in other games. You all get together for a common cause/goal, and you play follow the raid leader while in the fights. Hopefully with less yelling.

But being able to do both, or multiple things, when one area of the game loses interest for yourself, is a better way to approach it I think. All depends on what you want to do atm. Eve is a big place, and whatever you enjoy the most is the best direction for you.

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Look into the cosmos mission they are fun and harder than regular ones, and keep in mind that you have only one chance to do them. Then you should look into abyssal. That’s what I call currently the end game PvE. If you mess up, you lose both your ship and pod, there’s no escape, but the reward can be huge.


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