What does a solo player do once he's done with LVL 4 missions?

What exactly does a solo player do once he’s done with LVL 4 missions? What is the next step exactly for a solo player? Or that’s it?

Doing some planetary harvesting on the side as well. Did some story arcs as well.

Anything else to do besides joining a corp with weirdos and bozos who will knife you in the back?

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There are lots of answers, but I think the one you are looking for is to daytrip into wormholes.

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Join a corp and backstab them before they backstab you?


Level 5 missions, Abyss, Conduits, Wormholes, suicide ganking…whatever you want.


Get a life…


Whatever you want to do really.

@Daoden He doesn’t know what he can do. I guess that is why he made a post about it, isn’t it? Try to do wormhole daytripping. Take a T3C, find a c3 wormhole out of lowsec and do the sites there. Do some exploration at the same time as well.

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Come to null sec

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Have you tried the COSMOS areas?
trig invasion stuff?

Also, we are not bozo’… wierd yes… but not a boso…


He’s not wrong. If done right, you can steal a corp out from under someone. It’s happened several times.

Try to exist in the world of Eve. Build up multiple gameplay options around your home base so when you log on you can follow a branching path that is dynamic enough to hold your attention and make the game fun. Don’t fall into trap thinking brought on by experiences in other MMOs. You’re not meant to just farm one thing over and over again. Think of Eve as a real alternate universe and exist in it. Have yourself a diverse portfolio of options and keep it spicy, start taking some risks. You’re looking for a singular path and it doesn’t exist aside from the nullsec anomaly conveyor belt. It’s time for you to be creative.

Let me give you an example of my gameplay loop, as someone who’s pretty much solo aside from some random friends, and pretty much does PVE 70% of the time. I have LVL 4 setups in two highsec systems and two lowsec systems. Full setups with burner ships and battleships. I have four systems setup for level 5s. I have 3 PVP hubs stocked with ships to blow up. I have an Emerging Conduit setup, a Planetary Production setup that I barely understand, and several wormholing ships, hunting ships, and fast ships for getting around. I have a Lvl 4 mining mission setup in lowsec and working on putting one in NPC null. I also have some manufacturing projects, an abyss setup and piles of ships for random one off game mechanics that I’ve used once or twice. When I log on I choose from that menu and see where it takes me.

Basically what I’m saying is thrive. Build an empire and thrive. Get out of the one ship mentality. Get out of highsec, there are more opportunities in lowsec for a solo player. Find a verdant constellation to build in. Start being aware of other players, start being competitive, be ready for opportunities, optimize your ISK making schemes. Throw down some structures. Create a production chain, or part of one. Ultimately… do what you enjoy, which can change month to month. Lately I’ve been doing anomalies and chasing escalations. Last month it was emerging conduits, before that it was solo PVP. All of this, of course, is just my play style and you may find a completely different approach to the game, but this is how I’ve continued to enjoy myself. Also, and this is essential as a solo player, find some in game channels to chat with other players. You may not want to be in a corp, but you’re going to want friends nonetheless.


Please no.

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Throw down MANY structures.

pull up to mi bunker…

Starts to actually playing the game.


Nope, welcome to humanity where the insane is the norm for most of these lunatics, where a shiny KB is the only thing that matters.

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Explore all the holes, Eve likes it.


I agree, this is basically the next level for mission running.


Also, Industry. Now you have been doing level 4’s you should have a nice pile of t1 salvage and a bunch of meta modules, you can get into making rigs with the salvage and reprocess the modules for minerals and start making stuff™️.


Depends on what you want to accomplish. EVE, like real life, is about setting goals. If you want to stay solo and just do PvE then run abyssal sites either solo in a cruiser or, depending on your trained skills, solo in a frig. Those can be quite lucrative too. There is also running Emerging Conduits solo. If you havent done any Epic Arcs there’s always that. For incursions, you can stay solo and join the incursion communities and fly in a fleet. There’s also high sec exploration

If you dont mind some possible PvP in your PvE then you can look at low and null sec exploration or wormhole space.

Plenty of stuff to keep you occupied and that is only combat related stuff

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