What does it cost to run a refinery station?

What are the re-occuring costs for running/operating a refinery class station?

Not just the initial purchase of the station itself and the fittings but the ongoing expenses (if any).


Fuel cost for the modules like reactors, reprocessing, cloning, manufacturing, etc.

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Fuel use is the only recurring cost nowadays (POS’s used to require starbase charters in HS). So, look up the fuel use of each module you plan to online, and then multiply that out by the duration and cost of fuel.

I assume you already know the initial costs, but for the sake of completion, they include the cost of the station, mods, rigs, ammo/fighters, and quantum core.

Finally, don’t anchor what you can’t defend/can’t afford to lose.


You cant, only NPCs own stations. If you mean Citadels, see above.

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