What ECM skill level for Team Burner

I’ve started doing Team Burners with the Kestrel. I’m using the kite fit with ECM. I’ve having a hard time getting jam to stick on the logi. I have all level 3 skills (gives me 4.1 strength). If I overheat, I can get 5 points. what is a good skill level to get jamming to apply consistently?

@Madsam_Beacon can help you

stats including sensor strength for burners …

Since it is a chance roll and not 100% sure, the higher your skills are, the faster you will jam them.
Here, I have the skills I have used and it was pretty accurate. The higher you go, the faster the jam.

“You will also need “Long Distance Jamming” at least 3, “Electronic Warfare” 3-4, “Frequency Modulation” at 3, “Signal Dispresion” at 3+.”

Also, don’t activate both jammers at the same time, wait 10secs before activating the 2nd.

Thanks all! This was helpful

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