Team Burners

During the Team Burners it appears you can no longer jam one repper while destroying the other. Since the last release the logi ships keep repairing each other, even if they are jammed, unless you drive one far enough away (60km+) to give enough time to kill the first.

Is anyone else having this issue? Is this a bug or a “new improvement” by CCP?

They recently (Tuesday) changed the way ECM works, so maybe check the notes. I don’t think the new rules are suppose to work the way you are describing but I could be wrong. Really you should just keep the Burner at range (30kish) and jam it instead. When it retreats - and you follow - the Logis will usually keep moving forward and you can attack/kill it when they are out of support range. Its a lot faster. Or switch to the polarized Garmur as shown in this thread: Burner Mission - Ship advice to solo them including fittings

What kind of ship/fit do you use?

If the ECM changes are the same concerning PVE use, then the jammed ship should only be able to lock your ship, but it will not prevent the other logi to lock and repair it. You could either try to jam the two logi, or jam one and bring enough DPS to kill the other one when it can’t receive assistance.

I use a Caldari Navy Hookbill and have been doing burner missions for a very long time. I’d rather not switch to a Garmur if I can help it, not really interested in the speed aspect.

My understanding with the new ECM rules are as the previous poster has said; they should not be able to lock and rep the other logi. I have sent a bug report, as I have to believe it is a bug.

So far the Enyo mission is the hardest, haven’t even come close to finishing. I have been able to do the Jaguar and Hawk missions, although they too rep their logi partner, even while being jammed.

I use a tristan and made countless team burners with it and have the same problem now : jamming reppers doesn’t work anymore they can still rep the other one.

CCP broke ecm against logi npcs or something. (it still work against the main target with drone aggro though )

The only ways to make it works now are either make the rep bug by kiting everything far from where you warp in , warping out, warping in : They won’t rep each other any more (repeat until it works , usually one or two time for me).
Or you can kite the pocket launching drones and recalling them repeatedly until the main target is far enough to burn one of the repper.

Use chruker for optimal damage

whut ? garmur kills and loot in 2-3 min after taking gate. you can remove 40s if you account for landing->kill time.

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Hi there.

I completely respect that every player has their individual preferences regarding ship, fit, reasons for playing, mission-running style, etc.

But, if you indeed have been running Burners for a very long time, I truly feel you would find the switch to the Garmur fit absolutely worth the effort.

There is even a very inexpensive fit where 90-95% of the cost is the Garmur itself.

The process of completing the mission is low-stress and consists of only a few slow-paced actions:

  • Orbit at X range and engage MWD right away. (That’s it in terms of piloting.)
  • Target first logi, fire rockets, wait for kill.
  • (For Vengenace and jaguar only) - target second logi - fire, wait for kill.
  • (For Vengenace and burner only) - switch ammo type
  • Fire at burner, wait for kill.

If you’re interested, I made a simple reference chart on my web site:

use a target range rig on the garmur. allows you to keep target up to 40km.

I have a missile range implants so I target up to 29 km which means I can shoot it at 30 (because he closes on me )

Here’s something for those who just want to copy/paste:

Team Burner Rocket usage:
Mjolnir - Hawk, Bantam, Burst
Nova - Enyo, Navitas, Inquisitor
Inferno - Vengeance
Scourge - Jaguar

Personally, I just use all Caldari Navy rockets and orbit burners at 25km - slight chance of problems with the Jaguar but so far so good. I have a missile bombardment implant which increases my range to 31km and that helps with the logis. Killing the 2nd logi is not absolutely necessary, but then again I also have implants that improve DPS so your results may vary. What implants you do or don’t have changes how the Garmur can be fitted and used.

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