What have CCP done to mining and industry

I don’t understand why they changed so much to industry. took 7 year break come back and its pointless building stuff any more they removed kernite and omber from high sec them new crystals for mining and moon mining. On top off the mining changes building they introduced extra parts required to build capital components and the ship it self its an logistic nightmare. At the moment mining and building is not fun made it too complicated

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Hate to tell you man but mining was never fun. Industry i couldnt say.

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You can still buy the materials you can’t get by yourself and do that horrible thing called “interacting with the community”

So, in the end of the day, you can still single play if you use the market and a couple contracts


Thank goodness you don’t manage logistics in RL or our society would have crumbled ages ago. I hope supply chain managers arent crying about how hard their operations are… Or we would be in serious trouble. :sweat_smile: :joy:

GATHER MATS----------BUILD SHIP--------HAUL SHIP-------SELL SHIP you are saying this is too hard? That’s what it comes down to in the end lol.


A US Space shuttle containts like 2.5 million moving parts, probably all built by and bought from the cheapest supplier.

An EVE Battleship requires… 10 parts. TEN. Which are all available on the open market, all have the same standard quality, are all failsafe and don’t need to be tested a dozen times for reliability. You really think building ships in EVE Online is “overly complex”?


It’s just fools who think they can just make a promise that you can ‘Play the game your way!’ but then force you to play with other kids in the sandbox when you know the other kids just want to shove your face into the sand and jump on you and laugh while the sand gets into your mouth and you can feel it grind between your teeth and you ultimately suffocate.

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You mean just like rela life and even your own kin?

Supply chain managers laughing at how simple it is to build a ship in EVE.

OP should go manage Apple’s insane supply chain and come back here.

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Welcome to the forum!
And welcome to the new and improved EVE :slightly_smiling_face:
Can’t do much about the changes but accept and try to have fun. EVE isn’t known for its building mechanics anyway. If you love building ships I recommend Empyrion Galactic Survival and if you like supply chain then check out Satisfactory.
Fly Safe

Heh, whiny Zoomer needs to learn how to pull himself up by the bootstraps. :smirk:

when you mass build in the 100s logistics is an nightmare extra parts cuts profits

I’ll certainly take those useless BPOs off your hands.

Then move onto a more profitable ship. Logistic ships don’t have large margins? Build battleships? Same thing? Move on to gear/guns. etc.

This is a business game. There are multibillionares and trillionares who do your HOBBY way better. They optimize their routines. They know how to read and deliver what the market wants, and they have the alts, corp friends, and infrastructure to do it.

Examine yourself and your emotions when you said logistically it is hard to build stuff in EVE. Examine the comments about how hard RL logistics is. EVE is tough. Do you want to make the cut and be in the top 1%? Or just complain and cry here? :100: :100:

People who make your iphone/android deal with infinitely more complex supply chain management challenges than what you have to do in an online video game here. I am tough because I hope it opens your mind to ignorance of the OP.

your correct on your thinking.

maybe its correct but then why dont produce other ships then logistics ?

if yu just stick at 1 product you always lose ! if you are not able to change you will lose ! if you think its a game problem not a YOU problem YOU will lose !

so is it a game fault ? no ! is it your fault ? always !

there are so many ways in eve and you only choose the silly non profitable way ?

They ■■■■■■ it up that’s what.

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