What if

Sure, but somebody who knows 80 % of the game will understand any guide they watch even if they skim it thanks to the general understanding of the game they already have.

Somebody who knows nothing about the game does not have the luxery to make connections directly to whats going based on already existing knowledge.

It takes time to learn this game even if it’s a small classroom setting. EVE Rookies/UNI pretty much fit the bill as they literally host lectures and fleets.

Just because it’s CCP now won’t make retention higher?

Who says that it´s supposed to replace eve uni and players who are already doing the job. It´s just an extra layer to catch the ppl who fall through the cracks.

Ill concede to that. Point still stands about proving the business case tho. Even hiring 1 GM to run an EVE corp presents all kinds of ethical issues and whatnot. Such as what to do if gankers attack. Multiboxers steal sites and so on and so forth. It’s just a big mucky mess to me tbh.

All I got to say. I applaud on your defense of this. Wish you the best.

They should not have any GM powers to abuse to retaliate against players who kill or scam them or whatever they do. They would need to have the same power as a regular player.

The idea behind them being paid by CCP is to be able to enforce that they remain neutral entities rather than being run by volunteers who can take advantage of it by funneling the players into their own corps or alliances.

edit: maybe it would even be an option to actually take some time out of current employees shedule to deal with it. Might not hurt them either if they would actually play the game. Maybe then they make less stupid changes :stuck_out_tongue:

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What you’re wanting already exists. It’s called EVE University…

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There is already a corp that runs on the advice of an AI 100%.

Whatever the AI suggests as the next route is how they play the game and conduct the corp.

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Not much of an argument. Saying there is no demand or use for x just because y exists is rather nonsensical.

To me that is pretty much the same as:

Mercedes exists so there is no need for BMW (or any other car brand)

Women can buy black skirts, let´s get rid of red, green, blue and yellow ones.

We have Windows PCs so there is no reason to have any other computers.

None of these things in each group serve much of a different purpose, yet there is demand for any of those products, because even miniscule differences can have a huge effect on people based on personal preference.

And a lot of ppl won´t buy the yellow skirt, just because there is no other color available. If they don´t like it they are not buying it at all while realistically the color has absolutly zero effect on the use or purpse of the item.

I guess that is kinda interesting from a scientific perspective. It´s a huge slippery slope though.

This can be problematic though, Some of these so called content creators go through things so fast that trying to pick up anything useful can be difficult.

There’s also an issue with information given, a lot of them presume that the watcher knows a lot of the basics rather than them knowing very little and are there to try and learn.

Take fitting for example, most CC’s just fly through it without any thought that players might be trying to follow it without constant rewinds or pauses.

A massive amount of content is garbage, probably 95%+ if not more.

One of the very best out there is someone not many players know about.

Cade Plays Games is an awesome resource for new players (and older players), in fact right now he is doing a new start aimed at new players, which is good to watch, apart from that he also does a lot of tutorials on missions which includes how much isk you can hopefully get, broken down into mission rewards, triggers, bounties, loot etc.

HateLess as well, we still use his videos for burner stuff


Indeed , miss that guy.

One thing we did before fw was to make sure whatever we took part in was fun based and not isk based . Isk per hour is the killer for many.

Events , doctrine two battleship, we went in T1 cruisers with PvP fit , ulterior motive to catch loot thieves. Great training for fleet control and movement and logistics uses

Tackle lessons, we would look for null fleets and camps, fly tackle frigs with no guns and see how long we could last , we did have Ew and weapons disruption too. It was great fun , concentrating on causing havoc to a fleet and making them run around after us.

Not everyone’s cup of tea but we made sure there was a roll for alpha pilots and less confident players.

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What if

You realize EvE is a multiplayer game?