What interesting can I do?

I am warrior. I am in FW corp. What fighting action can I do, except capturing points, killing enemy players and agentrunning?

There is more fighting than that? Maybe Market PVP?

Gatecamping perhaps.

Kill NPC mining ships and haulers. The mining ships drop ore, the haulers drop loot boxes.

Will Concord respond if I fire on the NPC Mining Ships or NPC Ore Haulers, in .5 or above space?

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No, but they have their own response fleet. You can also kill those when they respond- Concord will not intervene.

Thank you.


Leave the busy FW areas and see if you can catch some people in quieter lowsec systems,ow and ransoming people can be extremely fun too.

If you are really tired of militia faction warfare fleets, sure go ahead and kill npc miners. Proceed with caution, though, the responding guards are no pushovers.

Infiltrate an enemy fw corp using an alt …
… and rob them blind when it impacts them the most.

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