What is an acceptable way to store the secret?

Was toying around with Python and EveApi for excrements and giggles. It works nicely, however, one issue remains. How are you going to deliver your application to the end user with the secret in the files? A sqlite database is not good enough to store it. Anyone knowing a little bit about Python and SQL can get it out. Even if I store a parity bit field in a DLL and the other bit half in my python script, at some point I need to construct the secret.

So, what is an acceptable way to store it in the eyes of CCP? Should I avoid Python? Use something that can be obfuscated better like C++? Use a sqlite db and pray? I really don’t want to pay for a server in the long run.

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Checkout https://docs.esi.evetech.net/docs/sso/native_sso_flow.html. The OAuth flow is different for desktop apps which i’m assuming you’re talking about.

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Ah okay. Thanks. Was following an older tutorial. Gonna work through that tomorrow :).

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