What is CSPA?

What is this CSPA (Concord Spam Prevention Act) thing??

Someone sent me an in-game message and when I click to send my reply I get a popup that says according to CSPA there’s a 1mil ISK “fee” to send the message because the two of us aren’t “white listed”.

Is this new?
Why does it only happen sometimes?
How do you “white list” someone?


See EVE Mail - EVE University Wiki to learn more about this @Jin_Endares.


Does this mean the other person has me as blocked from messaging them back?

No, it means they’ve set their CSPA fee to the maximum (1 million ISK), so to send then an in-game mail, you’d need to pay that.

Thanks again.

Pretty lame to message someone then expect them to pay 1mil to reply to you! :money_mouth_face:

They might not even be aware that they have set CSPA. If you’re mailing a lot with this person, ask them to add you to their contacts list, as that removes the need for you to pay CSPA.

I’ve also set CSPA on my accounts, it stops those mail spammers from targeting you. Paying a 1 million fee isn’t much, but for the spammers that send mails to batches of hundreds of people at a time CSPA quickly adds up.

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