CSPA service charge

This notification is subject to a CSPA service charge of 10 ISK, which you must accept to complete the invitation.
According to the CONCORD Spam Prevention Act, all communication initiations between parties that have not explicitly whitelisted each other through the use of an access control list shall be subject to a configurable service fee which shall be collected by the Fluid comm operator.

Okay, WHAT in the HELL is that CCP ???

I can understand a service charge to prevent spamming but why does the CSPA charge me to e-mail a player ???
And it’s not even about the 1 isk or 10 isk, I now have 3 billions isk. It’s the idea that I’ll be charged just to e-mail someone !
That’s frankly unacceptable! It’s extortion !!

CCP!! Quit being so GODDAMN greedy !! I’m already giving you money for Omega AND buying PLEX ! What the HELL do you want from ME ?
NO, I will NOT give you full access to my bank account !

And Fluid comm operator ?? That sounds like a con-job ripoff just like your so-called ‘invasion’ !

I won’t quit playing because the ‘learning curve’ is steep but if you continue to prove that ALL you’re interested in is to put your hand in my pocket with laughable and ridiculous excuses then the other games I own will look more and more interesting than your so-called “Sandbox”

And YES, I won’t be missed but EVE won’t be missed either !

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Players can specify whether or not to apply CSPA charges to unknown senders, and what the charge will be (up to 1 million ISK). Most players do not apply CSPA charges.

It is a voluntary mechanism.



I’m NOT an ‘unknown sender’ ! The player is in my Buddy List !

I think “sender” as in he’s never received an EVEmail from you before. He might not be aware he has CSPA charges enabled, though it’s not a bad thing. Most players don’t ragepost over 10 ISK. That’s less than half a second worth of Veldspar mining in a Corvette

I guess you didn’t read this:

Oh, I read it. But you’re still butthurt over a monetary quantity not even a first-hour-playing-EVE player would complain about. It’s an effective spam mitigation mechanism :man_shrugging:


there are some corps that spam recruitment posts including to new players… this helps mitigate it.

Wake up man… If your other post did not already show how clueless you are this definitely does.

It is not CCP that adds the charge to mail people it is the receiver himself. I can switch that on right now and when anybody tries to mail me they have to pay that charge.

So instead of raging… maybe ask?



Oh ok, cool.

My apology for the rant.

Sorry for wasting your guys’ time to answer this thread.

I guess this Forum isn’t for me. I’m too clueless. I’ll ask in-game if I need any info next time.

Good riddance

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You didn’t ask a question in your OP, you ranted and blamed CCP for something that is in the players hands. Any answer has been appropriate to your rant, which ranting is actually against the rules of the forum. If you would have approached the topic differently, and asking what the CSPA charge is, and how to disable it etc, you would have gotten better responses.

I actually prefer the posts that are pure emotion, rage and anguish. The ones that try to debate game mechanics always end up boring and repetitive.


My two year old stepson’s parrot told me to tell you to “L2Pnub”

I dunno what that means

Kids today and their acronyms

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To be fair, as with everything else, CCP hasn’t documented this for ■■■■.

No, it’s fine, rants are welcome too. Just remember that the forum rules state that you have to pay the anime girl tax when you post one. One anime girl picture per paragraph of rant.


To be fair, one constructive idea came from this post: “maybe CSPA charges should be exempt buddy list and/or blue standings”


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Closed at OP’s polite request.