What is out of balance?

I was reading another thread discussing the need for a rebalance, but it devolved into griping about CCP without answering the question I was left with.

What ships are currently over-powered that require rebalancing?

Wouldnt you rather see underpowered ships raised though?

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Sure, either explanation will work. Two doors to the same room. I’m just looking for opinions about what specifically needs rebalancing.

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Medium autocannons largely because of their falloff.

FOR ■■■■■■■ OVER 5 YEARS


The reason some say its like that is because they use no cap to fire… but missiles and drones don’t either…

Battleships have been mentioned in the past. And I mean the standard t1 not the factions ones…


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Care to elaborate?

Off the top of my head…


  1. Loki (Even CCP admitted it’s brokenly overpowered.)
  2. Svipul
  3. Nullsec anom income from capitals and supers.


  1. A damn good many abandoned T1 ships from all races.
  2. Assault/Heavy Assault ships (At least they are working on that one.)
  3. Income from killing FOBs or doing Resource Wars sites.
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No mention yet of the “racial flavor” of Caldari kinetic lock?

If I was forced to pick 5 it would be like this:

Orthrus (why? Because 10% warp disrupt/scram range is way to far for most small and medium weapon systems to even do damage, and the ships speed is faster than 95% of other ships of its class so other ships can’t even burn into its range to do dps.)

Garmur (why? Because 10% warp disrupt/scram range is way to far for most small and medium weapon systems to even do damage, and the ships speed is faster than 95% of other ships of its class so other ships can’t even burn into its range to do dps.)

Worm (great dps + great buffer + great damage projection + great range + no cap weapons + perfect damage selection) (weakness speed, but 1 faction web strongly fix’s this weakness)

Vexor Navy (10mn fit It can afk any plex, and if a tackle comes in the drones will auto attack and almost insta kill any tackle becuase of that huge tracking)

Falcon (Ecm against a solo pilot is extremely oppressive and turns any pilot into the ultimate troll harvesting tears with 1 button and some afking, would be funny if ewar pilot had to do relic/data puzzles for every cycle and only if they finish the puzzle their jam goes off lol! then at least the solo pilot cant use his alt to do this)

Game balance does not work like this, so get this out of your mind. We developers will NEVER balance a game like this, in fact you suggesting it shows complete ignorance of the way balance itself even takes place.

Also, it defies logic. Why would we work for hours reworking values and checking and testing things, when one ship is op? Should we then buff all ships because 1 ship is over tuned? Dont be silly.
Things get nerfd, Live with it. It wont change, no matter how much you think the idiotic position of “buffing everything under powered” is, because, there are other things at play.

When we do game balance we have projected rates. Time frames we think that players should have to live and die. IF thinks are broken, it means they are violating these rates. where balance takes place is where we try these things in line. the problem in eve is that individual things may not be over tuned, but in a group it may be. On top of this, when we do nerf or buff things, players find combinations that we miss as developers and push them out of the area we consider to be balanced, and largely, this is the major cause of things we recognize as unbalanced (over or under tuned).

Yeah cos the Tech 1 cruisers didnt get a raising pass. Oh wait they did.

When you next talk ■■■■, check your facts.

You can so tell you are a manager lol.

Do these rates get measured separately for groups and solo play thou? as separating them might provide much better result’s.

And yes I’d be totally fine with nerfs that make the game better Example: Garmur/Orthrus having their point range nerfed to 5% instead of 10, rather than buffs to every other ship as those buffs effect pve as well and throw that balance out of wack.

Not particularly no.

ill tell you what is out of balance…

CCP pandering mostly to the nullsec crowd for the past couple of years…

Maybe instead CCP shoould pander to highsec, and so what if we get a bunch of people that might not quite get EvE…
Point is make highsec so crowded people have no choice but to move into losec and nullsec and WH space sooner rather than later…

maybe or maybe not increase subs or at least active people playing, and b4 someone asks me about specific ideas, i dont have any.

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