Is Ship balance OK?

Fix the damn game. Its not okay that 50 fleet battleships cant burn down a well fitted rorq. Its not okay! I am not talking bout 50 scanning or exploration ships, i am talking about BATTLEships. BATTLESHIPS!! Just roam around the Universe and see all those mechanic1, mechanic2, mechanic… up to 15 all mining in anomalys, and you cant do jack ****/ against them.

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If the goal was that the ship balance goes like, capital > else, then yes mission accomplished.

Groups like Bomber’s Bar routinely manage that with like 50 bombers, so it’s definitely possible. Just got to learn the mechanics and plan appropriately.

Not saying Rorquals couldn’t do with a good balancing pass (or three), but claiming it’s not possible isn’t right. Hell they nerfed it’s tanking abilities quite a bit not long ago, when they removed the ability to fit multiple capital ancil reppers.

Well, that’s kind of how it’s meant to work, tbh. Kind of how cruisers > frigates, and how battleships > cruisers. If you have a well organized and planned fleet of the smaller ships it can take out a bigger one, but it only makes sens that the bigger one would be stronger head-on, and can take on a few of the smaller ones by itself.

But, yea. There’s really nothing odd about capital ships being stronger than subcaps, and supers being stronger than caps.

That is because the ones they are killing are ■■■■ fit’s there was a video of a group of guys with a few bhaalhorns perma neuting out a rorqual and they cap booster activate mod’s and chill tanking for 2 hours! 2 hours! yea its rediculas, people should take a rorqual roaming as a pvp ship and make a video of it raping everything, with a tackle ceptor alt obviously.

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There is a “slight” difference between between cruiser vs frigate or battleship vs battlecruiser.
For one, both the battleship and the cruiser have a high change on losing - very much dependent on the pilots and pilot-skill.

In a capital vs subcapital(s) there is in the case of carriers or motherships only one side doing the fighting - they are fighting the server in that case.
In the case of properly fit dreads vs a subcap gang, the subcap gang has lost the fight if they decide to stay (unless its bomber bar but they are a special case with battleship guns).

I am talking about WELL FITTED rorq. 50 Bombers cant do jack zit.

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The trouble isn’t killing the rorqual, its his 50 buddies who show up.
I understand that the friendship is overpowered, and its probably the hardest skill to train up. even finding the skillbook for it seems to be terrifyingly rare. but unfortunately, the friendship is un-nerfable. all you can do is try and get better at it than them.

I’m sure this has to be on CSM/CCP’s radar. Caps and Super-caps i would think were designed with a level of escalation that only serious veteran players and very well funded ones at that could fly them. Now however materials availability and build speed are out of line for the exponential ship efficiency jump past Battleship. Skill is very much a non-issue with Skill Injectors as well.

Balance is one of our top priorities, and making Rorqs easier to kill is something we talk about almost every day lately.

We did manage to two-volley some Rorqs the other day, but it took like 180 of us in Ravens.

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