HAC balance, what happened to it?

(Fluffy Moe) #1

Back when they did a balance pass on the Assault Frigs and ADCs went live CCP also said that there will be a balance pass coming very shortly to HACs.

So where is that balance pass ? Did it get scrapped ? Put on the backburner ? Or did it already come to pass but was so bad and pathetic I didn’t even notice any difference whatsoever ?

Where is some meaningful noticable HAC rebalance ?

(Vigo_The_Carpathian) #2

The assault damage control was CCP’s answer. In typical CCP forum a shitty answer…but their answer none the less.

(Fluffy Moe) #3

No, I remember they specifically stated there is going to be a HAC balance pass, that the ACD is only a part of it and they did only frigs because they ran out of time and that it will be continued in shortly upcoming patches.

(Petrus Blackshell) #4

They have their best man on the case, CCP Soon :tm: .

(Arthur Aihaken) #5

CCP Soon - he’s our man. If he can’t do it… there’s CCP Fozzie. Never mind…

(Chessur) #6

Yah, HAC’s are incredible right now- and the zealot even got a drone bay (along with the eagle) in the last few patches.

(Fluffy Moe) #7

I’m a big fan of sarcasm and irony :slight_smile:

(Chessur) #8

Are you daft?

It’s either that or your understanding of current meta / PvP is pathetic.

(Fluffy Moe) #9

There are many metas for many situations and many different doctrines. Incidentally, I love seeing metas shaken up. It keeps things interesting. Your particular meta is not everyones meta. Don’t take my word for it, had on over to the killboards and the pvp forums as well as simply make an alt or 2 and put them in different corps / alliances in the game.

Anyways, that is not what the is about , the topic is more along the lines of what happened to what they stated was coming.

(Chessur) #10

Ok, well HAC’s were rebalanced. Stats were changed, ADC’s were given, and drones. They are great ships now- take it or leave it.

(Chessur) #11

Here’s a link for your reading pleasure (google is hard)


(Fluffy Moe) #12

Irrelevant cause 2013…

(Chessur) #13

But it’s not because this is CCP. 5 years ago is very fast /recent regarding balance passes. More recently Februrary Balance Update - Assault Frigates and Assault Damage Controls

Those were added to hacs.

I’m not sure what more you want from HAC’s

(Soraellion) #14

A rebalance.

(Fluffy Moe) #15

Dude, L2 read… I specifically stated the re-balance other then ADCs. Anyways, I’m goin to stop my replies to you now. Bye.

(Chessur) #16

Dude, L2 read…

Why re-balance something that is functioning perfectly well in the meta?

(Anderson Geten) #17

Because CCP announced it, ■■■■■■■ idiot.

How can you be so dumb to not read the first post and yet try to answer it ?

Everytime I come this forum is full of people who won’t make the effort to read and understand yet feel entitled to be the useless bitch whose opinion nobody cares - especially since it’s out of the topic.

(Chessur) #18

You think that because CCP said something that it’s 100% going to happen?

HAC’s already received a balance pass, and changes with ADC and new drone bays.

I think that you should pay more attention to devblogs fam.

(Anderson Geten) #19

But nobody cares about your stupid opinion.
We don’t care if you want it or not.

CCP announced a later HAC balance, OP asked where it was.
NOBODY asked for irrelevant opinions, so keep yours.

To be fair, it’s totally possible that CCP won’t do it anymore, thinking current balance is “not so bad”. But just because you like it or not is not related.
Remember people may have left Eve for several month and jut ask where is that balance pass.

(Chessur) #20

I never asked for OPs opinion, he should keep his as well. Like you, he’s a random duder who is sperging for no reason. HAC’s are fine, are doing fine, and have had recent updates. Why cry for more?