What is "The cluster is not currently accepting connections"?

I want to play eve online, but I keep getting popups in the title. I do not know the cause of this.


They’re bringing the servers back online.

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Is the server down?

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Took a little longer this time. Too much to cleanup perhaps.

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Usually downtime happens rather quickly but sometimes down time takes longer. A lot of the time during start up the cluster is online but not accepting connections.

I’m guessing its so CCP can ninja all the good stuff in Jove space before we log in – or i could be a quality control operation.

When the server’s locked for VIPs only,
what really happens is that the devs grab all the good stuff before anyone else can.

Then they log off, open the cluster and let the plebs farm all the scraps.



Still so much better than it used to be back in the day. I’m still impressed how fast it has become.


Usually, this message means that the cluster is not currently accepting connections :wink:

You’ll usually see this message around downtime (between 11:00 and 12:00 UTC) when the server is taken down daily for a quick restart and some database maintenance.

It’s displayed when the server is up and online, but we’ve restricted access to it while we’re checking that everything is working fine.

Generally, you’ll only see this message when the cluster is in VIP mode for startup checks after a deployment, but I’ve seen it happen in the past when we’ve had issues with our login system too.

We haven’t had any issues with our login system for a while now, so you’ve more than likely been trying to connect when we’ve been in VIP, or right after downtime when the cluster is still starting up :slight_smile:

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Besides CCP mains and alts the secret code holders can also login. During that time we have all dev tools at our disposition and can generate the items we need.
Keep this between us! :wink:

Vip mode.

They will be the only connections on it the rate this game is nosediving under political correctness.

How boring.

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