What is your favorite faction to mission with

(Gerald Mardiska) #1

I know, I know, this is better off in the PvE section but since i cant create topics there I’ll create it here. What is your favourite faction and why?

Mine is the Ammatar Mandate, the LP store kinda sucks but the missions are not particularly anti any empire but are rather anti pirate faction. which helps keep my empire standings fairly good.


(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

I’m enjoying the Caldari at the moment, may start missioning to other factions to start improving standings… The Caldari State seems to have anti faction missions more in the low lvls, l4 missions are all pirates, and with quite the variety, not just guristas!

(DeMichael Crimson) #3

Minmatar mainly, probably because majority of their Anti-Pirate encounter missions are against Angel NPC’s.

However I also do missions for the other 3 main Empire Factions as well. I would say my least favorite Faction to mission for is Gallente, in my experience they offer a lot more Anti-Empire encounter missions compared to the other main Empire Factions.

(Gerald Mardiska) #4

yah the gallente are pretty nasty.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #5

They are all about freedom and stuff, so makes sense to their lore I suppose, to battle against zealots that enslave people and a faction that cares bout nothing more than money.

Not sure how the Minmatar are in that regard.

(Bataav) #6

I, and the others in my corp, use Intaki-based lore to guide a lot of our PvE, including missioning.

The nuances of the lore, and our own RP angle, means we tend to make our decisions based on a corp by corp basis.

Aliastra, and Ishukone are two examples of NPCs we’ll mission a lot for.

On the flip side, we’ll avoid doing anything for the Fed government NPCs and Roden Shipyards, to the extent I’ve declined storyline missions from the “wrong” agent in the past.

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #7

There can only be one.

(Gerald Mardiska) #8

Hail to Holy Amarr. I love their epic arc.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #9

Khanid innovations as it is a small empire corp and out of the way. Tolerable LP store too. I also use Sister’s of EVE but Osmon gets crowded.

(Gerald Mardiska) #10

I havent been to khanid space to actually do anything in over a year. I do have level 4 missions there. Its so easy to forget about Khanid.

(Gerald Mardiska) #12

Hmm nice.

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