What kind of stuff would people like to see in an EVE Online tutorial?

I’m considering making some tutorial videos to help people get into the game more easily. What kind of stuff would you like to see in a tutorial, that you don’t think is explained well (or at all) in-game, or you’d just like to have some help with?

Note that I am an Alpha clone, so I can’t do tutorials on anything that is Omega-only, such as T2 ships or cloaking devices.

Thanks in advance for contributions!

There’s already a ton of decent tutorials that cover all aspects of Eve for new players done by the community . But if this is what you feel like doing, then by all means do it .
The problem is lack of some kind of intermediate in the game to make them more accessible to new players , as most if not all of them don’t know of their existence or just don’t bother to do some basic searching on google and youtube.
Eve is a game that demans some effort to get into at the begining and not all of the people are up to that.


Fair enough, thanks for your input!

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Yeah, there are already a ton of 101 type tutorial videos. You could try looking for missing topics, try to improve/update existing videos, and/or try to make a one stop shop for tutorial videos. Although that last option would likely take a butt ton of work.

Yet another option is to try make more advanced tutorial videos. For example, a while back I did a search and found several videos explaining how fitting works, but no videos explaining how to theory craft fits.

Anyway, if you have any more questions, or just want to talk about stuff, don’t hesitate to ask. I have my own crappy youtube channel, and would be happy to teach you how to suck at youtube. :stuck_out_tongue:
No P2W

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