What less known musical artist that you think should be more mainstream

My nomination is Curtis Harding

Sean Rowe

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Oddly satisfying, definitely different in it’s approach, I will have to add it to my collection.

The thought of making something “more mainstream” sounds awful to me.

This young man here has some interesting things to say about it:

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That’s the truth… Courtney sodden comes to mind at an attempt to be mainstreamed, but I won’t put that on her.

“Mainstream” country music these days is cancer. Florida Georgia Line, for example, is cancer in it’s purest form, with mumble rap coming in a close second. I bet if we reverse engineer the DNA of these people we can extract the cure for cancer, much like anti-venom can be procured from snake venom…


Yeah when I hear country music using that program ‘pitch perfect’ or whatever program it just sounds so bad, I have many favorite country music artist and almost all have passed on, but Hank jr. Is in that top list.

Definitely don’t think they should be more mainstream, but HYVMINE are a band that should be much better known than they are.

Have a taste:

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Reminds me kind of like Sepultura as (I really hate this analogy), the ‘typical’ rock, metal, etc, has expanded to include the non-typical singer, musicians which I think is excellent.

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