Music for those long, lonely mining sessions, to keep you calm and relaxed

def not for mining! but great for pvp or something active. I got a sweet tooth for Kyuss too but i also enjoyed the prog-rock song of your first post.


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Isn’t he the joker that claimed in his book that he was banging Natalie Portman when she was 18 and when she said “Gross!” he cancelled a tour?

Anyway, his music is good, but try to avoid Gary Glitter, ok? Thanks for the tunes, from a fellow miner!



Thanks for the RUSH tune. Brings back many memories… and still feel sad for Neil Peart’s shitty death. He lost his daughter & wife within 10 months of each other back in the 90’s. Fame, fortune and tragedy after tragedy. Well I didn’t intend to go dark here… on a lighter note, 2112 is something I’d listen to while mining, definitely has atmospheric songs.


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