What music are you listening today?

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:smiley: great minds…

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Can you imagine a rhyme walking back down the hill and telling the poet “I won’t go”?

(LordOdysseus) #2261

One of the best hits of the late 90s:

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sing me a song of LOVE, sing me song of PEACE, sing me a song of FREEDOM!

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(Ian Morbius) #2268

Listen - Leonid & Friends (Chicago cover)

(Kuba Ganowski) #2269

Time to announce very important for me project. My project, strictly bonded with my game in EVE. That will be mixtape created from rap songs mostly discovered during playing game. It will be around 100 joints i have been listening in last year. In plan is five parts. Below you have some of them. One is because of my trips with rabbit :slight_smile: Other is because one of you etc… time to give one big shoutout… PEACE TO ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS! Yes OLD PERVERT IM TALKING TO YOU!, and no, thats songs are not for you because you exactly know… for you are films my brother hehe… also i want to drop big pros to my personal Bodyguard who is trapped in Underground Kingdom big thanks for all Bro… and last but not least… Darku, you will be always in my heart, soon we will meet and spend time on talking laughing and creating everything we always do… lets back to the regular program schedule…

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(Kuba Ganowski) #2271

I forgot to tell that will be conceptual piece and you can get it only in the best Triglavians shops., for free off course :slight_smile:

(lilsteel) #2272

You might want to cut down on the Kahlua.

(Kuba Ganowski) #2273

I was waiting for you my friend to open for me another three gates for another hot hits from my EVE mixtape

(Kuba Ganowski) #2274

(Kuba Ganowski) #2275

I think is enough for now…
Also Mixtape will be added to my book which is already in progress…
In Triglavian Space we are working on something much much bigger… That will be our own rap project, 100 not joints but LPS, conceptual off course, but we have some little problems to find one MC who can handle our big expectations… We have organized big casting, where appeared many great Triglavians rappers… was Rakim, was Eminem also came straight from Boston Insight… i was glad to see one of my fav mc Moka the Only… and many other great names… but nah…maybe if they can make it together… but we want use one Triglavian to whole project… we will see what future come, but we sure IT WILL CHANGE THE GAME DEFINITELY…

Remember Pilots! to make 100 good LPS you need to eat skyr every day, dont do smoething else otherwise you will make at least one or maybe two good albums…

(Ian Morbius) #2276