What realistic dream car are you driving today? (Picture load warning)

(Sol epoch) #22

Come on people don’t be scared of showing your rides!

(Chococat) #23

Just two, my daily drive Alfa and my mg MSA sprint car. Both were stupid decisions, the Alfa is temperamental, the mg I can hear rusting as I fall asleep.


(LordOdysseus) #24

This is my ride currently:

But in the near future I plan to buy a Peugeot 308 2010:

(Khergit Deserters) #25

I drove my co-worker’s husband’s brand-new Tesla the other day. Forward one foot and backwards one foot, in a parking garage. Amazing strange computer-tweakable car, with out of control acceleration. It’s like a smart phone, but it’s a vehicle.

But she said a road trip in the winter in northern USA last week caused some panic. Batteries aren’t as efficient in cold weather, so the power used per mile was greater. At one point they weren’t sure they were going to make the 23 miles to the next charging station.

(lilsteel) #26

yes, many things are not designed for harsh or extreme climates.

(NightmareX) #27

Hehe, I couldn’t resist. Found an empty parking garage some few days ago. So this is what happened :heart_eyes:

And ofc, I can’t forget this one that was done in a tunnel a little over 2 months ago.

Yes, I have to much fun with the car :grin:.