What realistic dream car are you driving today? (Picture load warning)

(NightmareX) #1

Hello there.

You probably know me from the drone topic i made earlier. Now i’m making a new topic about cars.

2 months back, i got me my first car, or it was more of a loan car from my brother that is living in another city from where i live. It’s a Ford Focus 1.6l from 2006. Now my plan was to have it to later 2019 somewhere where i was gonna save up some money in the meantime.

However, things changed fast when i saw one of my realistic dream cars was being sold in the same city as i’m living in. And when you take it into the consideration that this car is rather rare here in Norway and it’s also special because the owner before me has done alot of things with it. And i absolutely love the color combination on it. Then i had to pull the trigger on a car loan already now.

So there could only be one thing to do. And that was to put in a loan request for that car. And i got the loan for the car one and a half week ago. So i have been driving this awesome car alot and hard since then.

Let me present you this awesome ‘Audi S1 Quattro 2015 model’ car that i just bought.

This car is tuned a little bit, so it has around 320-340 hp (231 hp original) and 500 nm of torque (370 nm of torque originally). It also has a ‘Milltek exhaust system’ that is crazy loud. I love driving this car in the tunnels :grin:. It sounds like an angry devil. I’m gonna see if i can get one of my friends to record a video of it while i’m in a tunnel.

However, this car doesn’t come cheap. Directly converted from what i paid in Norwegian Kroner to USD dollars, then i paid ‘48.3k dollars’.

So it’s pretty expensive, but oh boy, it’s fun as hell to drive.

I will update this topic when i have got some more pictures or some videos of it.

So do you have a realistic dream car that you want to share with us?

(Nana Skalski) #2

Cute sports car you have.

I prefer more futuristic, like Raymanta Concept:


I dont have it tho, its just concept. :pensive:

Its my “EVE car”, you know, the one in game that is called planetary vehicle. :sunglasses:

(Annah Tsero) #3

On the right my old baby (2012 Mazda 3)
On the left my actual car (2017 Cx-3)

Next thing I’m aiming for is either another Mazda, or an Audi (will be 4wd for sure) :smiley:

(Aetrid) #4

Norway is so beautiful. Nice little car but the surroundings are stunning.

(lilsteel) #5

No car, my last one of 2 (cars) was in 1988, and I will go to Europe to get my next car, and very probably my next valid license as well.
I also don’t rent cars.

(Rana Ash) #6

This is my dream car, practical, kinda fast and responsive. I have driven one of these many years ago and loved it, sadly it’s still a dream…

(JC Mieyli) #7

my car is range rover but my dream car is bmw isetta
and i would rather be michelle mouton

(NightmareX) #8

I took my Audi S1 on my first drive on the snow a couple of days ago here in the area where i live.

Had to test out the grip on the snow and see how the Quattro system is working :smiley:

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos

Now i know it’s a good car for the winter :smiley:

(Annah Tsero) #9

send some snow my way, I can’t wait for it all to be white :smiley:

(NightmareX) #11

Hello again.

This is the insane pops and bangs sound that comes out of my ‘Audi S1 Sportback Quattro’ in the tunnels when I do revs the engine.

As the car is tuned pretty nicely, decat’ed, straightpiped on this ‘Milltek sport exhaust’ and have a modified ECU software that gives you the loud pops and bangs, you get a pretty nice sound from the exhaust which is insanely fun to get the car to make in the tunnels.

Enjoy this 10 second video that shows this.

Here is the link.

(Fal Shepard) #12

My dream car is my 2015 chevy colorado LT 4x4. I got it custom built to spec’s with a V6 GDI engine and free leather seats due to a contract error. I plan on keeping it until I can’t fix it anymore and my kids start calling it “Dad’s old pickup truck”. Maybe even after that.

(lilsteel) #13

I had a car like this

1979 Monte Carlo in 1987.
Worth $2,000 + around $750 worth of repair + around $300 insurance for a year, used for restaurant delivery work, good enough for driver’s abstract to get a new driver’s license.
267 engine.
Fixed the original model metal gas tank to a plastic gas tank.
Changed the alternator to a newer model, and a new battery.

I traded it for this

1978 Delta '88 worth around $800 to 1988.
450 engine (or 350).
Had no mechanical problems.

Both V8.

(NightmareX) #14

Hello again.

I have now ordered me some new things to my Audi S1 Sportback. It’s just small things that doesn’t cost much.

Here is the list of what I have bought.

  1. Extreme Anti-snow & Sun Shade Windshield Cover (4 seasons).

  2. Quattro Seat Gap Filler (2 pieces).

  3. Soft Silicone Mini Garbage Bin For Audi (perfect fit in cup holders).

  4. Real Racing Carbon Fiber Sticker For Audi Steering Wheel ©.

  5. Real Racing Carbon Fiber Sticker For Audi Steering Wheel (D-Sport Racing).

  6. Glowing Crystal Key Chain (Without Gift Box).

  7. Black Carbon Fibre Grill + Read Badge Emblem Rings.

  8. Audi S-Line Door Lock Cover (Chrome Buckle) (Pack of 4).

  9. Audi Black Wheel Logo Emblem Badge Hub Caps Rim Caps (135mm) (Pack of 4).

  10. K&N Cotton Air Filter Cleaning Kits with Aerosol Oil Bottle (99-5000EU).

  11. Classic Sticker | THE-LOWDOWN.

  12. Black Licence Plate Sticker.

And i’m also gonna have a service on my car in 5 days. Here the ‘Pollen filter’ and the ‘Spark plugs’ is also going to be changed out to new ones. There is also 2 very small notches in the paint that i’m gonna have fixed. Other than that, i’m gonna get a full engine wash and a car wash on the outside of the car. So the car will look pretty good when it’s done :slight_smile:.

Lastly. I’m still enjoying the hell out of the car. I have been driving it the whole 7600 km within just 3 months. That’s ALOT.

(NightmareX) #15

I have now got everything I linked over except for number 9 and 11. Those two will arrive very soon.

Also, number 5 in the list over did not fit my steereing wheel. Number 4 did fit my wheel though :slight_smile:.

I also did had my service on my car 9th and 17th of January. They had to do the sevice in 2 parts. So now that’s done. My car had 2 smaller things that was mentioned from the service that needed to be fixed. Yes, those 2 things was the only things that needed to be fixed from the service. Rest was all fine.

  1. The plastic plate under my engine that is there to protect the engine was somewhat broken. I could drive with it on, but at the risk of having it falling off later. So I didn’t fix it on that service. And 3 days after I had the service, that plastic plate did fall off. Under is a picture of the missing plate.

Google Photos

  1. They found an error code in the computer to the car. That error code said something about pollution. It might be something from not finding the catalyst on my current exhaust. It’s ofc missing from my Milltek Sport Exhaust system. So it might just be an error code because the computer doesn’t detect the catalyst or something. And this is why the car wont be EC-approved with this Milltek Sport Exhaust, because the catalyst is missing on it. I do have the original exhaust system to the car, so I can just put that on before I have to get my car EC-approved later.

So it’s nothing to worry about. They deleted the code from the computer at the service anyways. So let’s see if it’s back at my next service appointment.

Other than that. I have 2 pictures of how my car looks in the front and on the back door with the new black licence plate sticker and the black carbon fibre emblem Audi rings.

Google Photos

Google Photos

Things are also done to the car on the inside. But pictures from that and new pictures of the car in it’s whole will come closer to the summer.

(Oliver Delorean) #16

Here is my first car…

I use this to get access to my second car. :sunglasses:

Here is my second car…
This one is good when there is traffic jam.
Cheap too! Depending on the distance traveled ofcuz. :upside_down_face:

(Sol epoch) #17

my daily runner


(NightmareX) #18

Nice. I love the RS6’es. The only thing keeping me from buying those are the high price. But that’s how it is for being the worlds most extreme station wagon :smiley:.

(Dom Arkaral) #19

Gotta love those station wagons :drooling_face:

(Sol epoch) #20

They work much better than station camps!

(Sol epoch) #21

They are pricey but for what they do I would not look at any other even the Mercedes-AMG E63 S or C63 S.