What ship/fit to catch astero/ceptor

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Sorry if this has already been asked, but i am looking for a ship (planning on starting training for it) that can catch astero on gate camp please. Idealy, ceptor too but maybe its another subject idk, if i could find a ship that can blow up both astero and ceptor, it will make my day. Svipul? Sabre?

Smartbomb Machariel

This can take out an astero too?
You have a fit?

Your question doesn’t really have enough information for someone to give you a valuable answer. Are you planning on hunting in lowsec or in nullsec? Do you prefer to try and destroy interceptors or asteros more, because if they are not trying to engage you, then you accomplish catching them in different ways. Is your intention to catch PVE or PVP pilots?

Smartbombs, as was suggested, will destroy some travel interceptors but generally not asteros if you’re solo. In lowsec you wont really “catch” an astero at a gate unless he makes a mistake or you’ve trashed-up the gate enough that he can’t cloak, and even then most will warp too quickly for you to catch. What I think you should consider is using an appropriate bait ship. There are lots of options and when it works it’s much more entertaining than a simple catch and kill anyway.

Tag says Null sec and pvp.

Thank you for your answer @JOhnDrees , i kindv knew smartbomb would not be enought for astero. After searching more myself, the Sabre seems to be a more vialble option vs astero, even tho i find more video of astero killing sabre than sabre killing astero.

Edit: and its not the same price for a Mach with 7500 km range than for a sabre lol

Myrm with 500mn mwd 3 stasis webs and a warp scram. Drones will melt it after you catch it.

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